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The Beauty Of Living In Mexico

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The Beauty Of Living In Mexico

Life is different in Mexico. One thing that you have to love about the Mexican people is their rugged entrepreneurship. People run restaurants out of their homes or set up taco stands on the side of the street with only the most basic capital. Working hard for most people is just the way things are. While Mexico may seem like a poor country to those raised in Europe or the rest of North America, it is one of Latin America's wealthier countries.

Mexico is a country renowned for its captivating beauty and offers a lifestyle that is truly enchanting. From bustling cities to charming towns, Mexico has a diverse range of destinations that cater to different preferences. The quality of life in Mexico is unique, with a perfect blend of modern amenities and preserved traditions that create a unique cultural experience.

The food in Mexico is to die for, full of bold flavours and stuffed with rich ingredients like beef, avocado, chillies, tomatoes, onion, and cheese, and each bite is more delicious than the last. Despite using only basic, cheap ingredients prepared in the humblest of kitchens, everything is made fresh, spiced, and seasoned to perfection.


Mexico offers a lifestyle that is filled with beauty, culture, and quality

Mexico offers a lifestyle that is filled with beauty, culture, and quality


Living in Mexico, you'll find the climate varies considerably depending on where you are in the country and what time of year it is. Parts of the country, like the Yucatan Peninsula, where you will find vacation hotspots like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, have generally mild temperatures year round. Just brace yourself for the tropical storms. Other regions, like Baja California Sur, where you will find the infamous border town Tijuana and noted expat destination Rosario, are arid, with hot summers and mild winters. Mexico City is pretty modest in temperature year-round, never too hot or too cold. Mexico also experiences wet and dry seasons. Generally, the rainy season is from June to October.


Mexico is dotted with picturesque towns that showcase the country's colonial heritage - Living in Mexico offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture

Mexico is dotted with picturesque towns that showcase the country's colonial heritage


Living in Mexico can be dangerous. The homicide rate in 2021 was 26.6 per 100,000, a pretty shocking statistic. Crime, in general, is high as well. Nonetheless, these statistics do not tell the whole story. There are places in Mexico that are relatively dangerous and relatively safe. Most incidents of violent crime do not involve tourists or expats but rather stem from confrontations between drug cartels and gangs. If you keep to yourself, and not flash around a lot of wealth and treat people respectfully, you can minimize your chances of being a victim of a crime. Staying in safer areas of the country and safer areas of the cities you go to will also be helpful.

Overwhelmingly, the people of Mexico are honest, decent, hard-working individuals. They just want to get through the day and enjoy spending time with their family. Like anywhere, there is a criminal element, but if you take some sensible precautions, for the most part, you will be okay.  



popular cities you should visit while in mexico

Mexico is a wonderful country with many touristic cities. The lifestyle is very exotic and different from what you may be used to but in a very pleasing way. There are many cities and towns that offer plenty of diversity.

Mexico's cities are vibrant and bustling, offering a dynamic lifestyle with a multitude of opportunities. Whether it's the cosmopolitan vibes of Mexico City, the artistic charm of Guadalajara, or the beachfront allure of Cancun, each city has its own distinct character and attractions. The blue waters and sandy beaches that line Mexico's coastlines provide a stunning backdrop for relaxation and recreation.

You will find cities with mountains and towns with beautiful beaches. If you are more of a metropolis person, then there are cities like the capital, Mexico City or Guadalajara that are big cities. I will tell you about some places below where you can find plenty of diversity and adventures while living in Mexico as a digital nomad.

Beyond the cities, Mexico is dotted with picturesque towns that showcase the country's colonial heritage. These towns feature beautifully preserved architecture, cobbled streets, and colorful facades that transport residents and visitors to another era. The friendly locals and rich cultural traditions contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that permeates every corner of Mexico.



Guadalajara is Mexico's third-largest economy and boasts the largest indoor market in Latin America, the San Juan de Dios, and many beautiful cathedrals and temples, such as the Guadalajara Cathedral and Templo Expiatorio. Besides beautiful arts and architecture Guadalajara is also a rich centre for culture and Mexican history. Guadalajara is very well-known for Tequila, Mariachi, and the largest book fair in all of the Americas, the Guadalajara International Book Fair for all book lovers.



Probably one of the most well-known Mexican locations by all Americans and maybe even the world is a tourist and expat hotspot. This is one of the more costly cities in Mexico to live in, but your dollar can still take you plenty far, even in Cancún. This is the place you will want to go for a vacation, enjoy a resort, and maybe do your marriage ceremony there for a special moment with your spouse and family. Although Cancún costs more than other areas in Mexico, it is worth every dollar spent to visit there, even if just once in your life. You will be marvelled at the crystalline beaches, the ease of making friends with Mexican nationals since they are very hearty and welcoming to foreigners, and the many other historical wonders you may find near it, such as Chichen Itza and Tulum, which is an ancient Mayan port city.



Mexico City is the capital and largest Mexican city, with a population of 9.2 million. It is a city filled with diversity and things to do and see. You can wander the food markets in the city streets to experience some of Mexico's most delicious foods. Just be cautious, as Mexican food is often spicy! You can visit many historical sites and beautiful architecture from the Aztecs, Spanish, and other Meso-American archeological sites, from pyramids and cathedrals to modern-day skyscrapers. If I had to summarize Mexico City, I would have to say that it is a perfect blend of a New York city life feel with the rich cultural background of the Aztecs and Mayans, blended in with your typical Latin American friendliness and relaxed lifestyles.


Mexico's natural beauty is a sight to behold, with its diverse landscapes ranging from expansive deserts to lush jungles - The sunny weather, with its warm embrace throughout the year, creates a perpetual sense of joy and relaxation. Imagine waking up to the gentle rustle of palm trees swaying in the breeze, their fronds providing shade as you sip your morning coffee.

Mexico's natural beauty is a sight to behold, with its diverse landscapes ranging from expansive deserts to lush jungles


The cost of living can be substantially lower in Mexico if you want it to be. A basic rental apartment can be as cheap as $300 USD a month if you are willing to disregard frivolous luxuries like hot water or a refrigeration unit. But hey, who needs a fridge when you can eat an inexpensive meal from a street vendor for just a few bucks? Or you can splurge and spend $800 USD monthly for a furnished place in a nicer barrio with air conditioning and all the modern amenities you would expect. You can find a luxury rental for $1,500 USD a month or more if you want something really nice. The Mexican housing market accommodates everyone. Taxis, hotels, domestic airfare, and laundry are just a few more things you will find that is a fraction of the price you would pay at home.

You can find very affordable hotels in Mexico, so don’t feel the need to get an apartment immediately. There are a lot of reasonable hotels in the $50 to $60 range. In fact, you could easily live in a nice hotel in Mexico if you wanted. After that, you can rent on Airbnb, which is convenient, but you will pay a surcharge for that ease of use. One of the best ways to find an apartment is to look up Spanish-language classified sites like Vivanuncios. You don’t even need to know any Spanish to do this. Just go to google translate, and put in “apartments for rent in CITY,” where CITY is the name of the city you are looking at. Make sure to avoid sites that specifically target foreigners. If you were looking for an apartment in Cancun (the city proper, not the hotel zone), you would want to wind up somewhere like here. Then use chrome’s auto-translate function so that you can read what the website says. Remember, the prices are in pesos, so divide by 17 (17 MXN = 1 USD) to get the price in USD. Also, remember that sometimes addresses in Mexico aren’t as well defined as you might expect, so don’t rely too heavily on google maps.


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Mexico offers various visa options -  The rhythmic sounds of waves crashing on the nearby shores add a soothing soundtrack to everyday life, making each moment a celebration of nature's beauty.

Mexico offers various visa options


Life in Mexico can be a lot different as an expat than what you are used to; there are always tons of different things to do, like visiting ancient Mayan ruins or travelling around the countryside visiting the many different cities of Mexico.

In terms of residency, Mexico offers various visa options. These visa programs provide flexibility for individuals looking to make Mexico their home and embrace its captivating lifestyle. Mexico also boasts a thriving business environment, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. The country offers a range of business opportunities, whether in tourism, manufacturing, or technology sectors. With its strategic geographical location and access to international markets, Mexico serves as a gateway for global business ventures.

Things are a lot more informal in Mexico as well. More pharmaceuticals are available over the counter and are much more affordable. Medical care is also relatively cheap. The weather is generally a lot nicer, but sometimes it gets way too hot, and you must hide inside until things cool down. The food is incredible, and there are always new dishes to try out and enjoy. There are also a lot of stray dogs, but usually, their barks are worse than their bites. Overall, there is a more relaxed pace of life in Mexico, and it can be very nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and just enjoy a little peace and quiet.


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Mexico has much to offer those seeking a life of adventure, tranquility, and endless exploration - It's not just a place to reside; it's an immersive experience where the benefits go beyond the tangible, seeping into the very fabric of daily existence, creating a harmonious symphony of sun, sea, and serenity.

Mexico has much to offer those seeking a life of adventure, tranquility, and endless exploration


Mexico offers various activities, from enjoying beautiful mountain sceneries to wonderful beaches and ancient ruins, including Chichen-Itza, a World Wonder. The cost of living can be far lower than in other countries, and you will enjoy the perpetual warmth of the climate and Mexico's people. You will always be able to travel to other cities in Mexico if one place ever runs out of adventures and seek new ones as well.

Mexico will be your perfect food tourism destination if you enjoy exotic and spicy foods. Foods rich in spicy peppers, such as Jalapeños, Habanero, and Chilli, are common in Mexican cuisine, not to mention the most delicious Guacamole, a traditional Mexican food made from avocados. In Mexico, you will not only enjoy a wide variety of relaxing sceneries and delicious foods to savour, but you will also be able to do all this for a lesser overall cost.



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