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6 Reasons You Should Move To Ecuador

Of all the places I’ve visited in Latin America, Ecuador has stood out as one of the most developed and beautiful locations throughout the continent....

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Why Uruguay Is One Of The Best Countries For A Sustainable Lifestyle

When choosing to live in a new country, many people put little thought into sustainable living. As the name implies, this broad topic covers...

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The Top 6 Destinations To Visit in Brazil

Brazil has recently come to light as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. When you compare the country to its Latin American...

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12 Best Countries For Medical Tourism

Many expats who have spent time in other emerging and developed countries may have noticed that some aspects of different healthcare systems were...

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Top 11 Food And Water Independent Countries You Can Live In As An Expat

It is no secret that access to clean water, arable land, and food (or lack thereof) has contributed to the rise and fall of empires. This holds true...

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What To Expect In Costa Rica As An Expat

Costa Rica has it all: beautiful woods, towering mountains, stunning beaches, flowing waterfalls, and attractive mountain villages. This Central...

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What Is It Like Living In The Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean's second largest and most diversified nation, located only two hours south of Miami, four hours from New...

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