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Why Digital Nomads Should Consider Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of several Caribbean countries where digital nomads have the opportunity to spend up to one year living in the country. Saint Lucia is located in the Southeastern Caribbean, to the Northwest of Barbados, and has a population of 183,000. Saint Lucia has won many awards for its tourism industry, including the Caribbean's best honeymoon destination for the thirteenth consecutive time. Saint Lucia has multiple natural outdoor attractions, including marine national parks and the Saint Lucia volcano. Saint Lucia is also one of the Caribbean's most convenient digital nomad visa options, as applicants receive a multiple-entry visa and pay a much lower visa cost. This digital nomad visa is one of the cheapest and most flexible options in the Caribbean.


Marigot Bay Saint Lucia

Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia


In March 2021, the Saint Lucia government decided to create the “Live it Program,” which allowed tourists to stay an additional six weeks and to work remotely. The program was so successful that the government decided to change this process and allow digital nomads to receive a 12-month multiple-entry visa. The visa supports applicants interested in living in Saint Lucia while working remotely, studying, or living there as a long-term tourists. At the moment, there is currently no income requirement for this program, but you do need to list your source of funds for the trip when you apply. While other programs, such as Barbados and Bermuda, have been in the spotlight, Saint Lucia has remained somewhat under the radar of many digital nomads.

This digital nomad visa is a popular option if you want to live in Saint Lucia long-term. However, digital nomads who only plan to visit the country several times yearly can also use this visa. If you want 2-3 options lined up as a digital nomad, then Saint Lucia is a very flexible option. Unlike other Caribbean digital nomad visa programs, the application fee is very cheap, and the application is not very time-consuming. Furthermore, you will not be a tax resident while on his visa, so you will not have to worry about paying taxes on your global income.


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Looking down at Soufriere and Fond Bernier, Saint Lucia

Looking down at Soufriere and Fond Bernier, Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia is one of the cheapest Caribbean Islands to live on, and most digital nomads should find the cost of living much lower than in countries like the United States or Canada. The country’s income per capita is only around $8,790 USD. You can find an apartment in the country for $250 USD/month or more, depending on whether you live in the city center. Most people choose to live in Castries, which only has a population of around 20,000. Locally produced food and beverages are much cheaper, but imported items can be much more expensive. Saint Lucia is ranked 47th globally for its internet speed, and the country also has several coworking spaces in the larger cities.

Saint Lucia has no shortage of activities for adventurers and people interested in the outdoors. Multiple hiking options are available, including the most popular Pidgeon National Park, which offers a view of the beaches and Old Fort. Saint Lucia has various tourism activities, including exploring volcanoes, botanical gardens, diving and snorkelling, and other sightseeing tours. Another attractive site in Saint Lucia is the Pitons, a UNESCO heritage site formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. Saint Lucia’s economy strongly depends on tourism, so it is easy to arrange sightseeing tour packages if you can't arrange transportation.


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Views of St Lucia in the Caribbean

Views of St Lucia in the Caribbean


The application process is very simple for digital nomads, who will only need to provide information verifying that they perform remote work and other personal supporting documentation. When you apply for this visa, you will need to submit the following supporting information:

  • Valid passport
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Return Flight Ticket
  • Travel itinerary with accommodation bookings
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Offer letter from company
  • Other supporting documentation if you are a student or visiting someone

You can submit this application online and do not need to travel to an embassy or consulate. A single entry visa costs 125 XCD ($46 USD), and a multiple entry visa costs 190 XCD ($70 USD), which you pay upon arrival at the airport. You must complete the application several weeks before you travel to Saint Lucia, and the government will process your visa within five working days. The official government also mentions that this application can be completed on arrival in some circumstances, although this is not guaranteed and is not an ideal option. Although there are no official income requirements, you should provide as much supporting financial information as possible, including bank statements, payslips, and other documents from your employer or clients.


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Waterfall in Saint Lucia

Waterfall in Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia has abundant offerings for people who decide they want to be long-term residents or even citizens after they visit the island. Saint Lucia launched a Citizenship by Investment Program in 2016, which provides citizenship to Saint Lucia in as little as 3-4 months. Applicants can be eligible through a $100,000 USD donation, a $300,000 USD real estate investment, or a $250,000 USD investment in a government bond. This visa could be an exciting way to spend time in the country and perform due diligence on real estate options while you consider this as a potential option. Saint Lucia’s passport is surprisingly strong, as you can travel visa-free to over 150 countries with this passport.


Photographer at the Mamiku Gardens, the largest gardens in Saint Lucia

Photographer at the Mamiku Gardens, the largest gardens in Saint Lucia


Other Caribbean digital nomad visa programs charge much higher fees and often have higher income requirements. On the other hand, Saint Lucia has a simple and cheap application process that allows you to be eligible if you are a digital nomad and have sufficient funds for travel. Saint Lucia is a beautiful and affordable destination for digital nomads and an excellent place to spend all or part of the year. Saint Lucia is probably one of your best bets if you are interested in the Caribbean and looking for the cheapest and simplest digital nomad visa program.


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