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The Ultimate Guide To Obtaining Residency In Paraguay: Everything Expats Need To Know

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The Ultimate Guide To Obtaining Residency In Paraguay: Everything Expats Need To Know

When looking for a place to relocate or even a second residency, you might want somewhere with a warmer climate, affordable cost of living and low taxes. Of course, finding a country that ticks all boxes is complicated, but Paraguay does a great job. 

This landlocked South American country boasts diverse traditions, exotic cuisine and beautiful landscapes, but its appeal goes even further. Paraguay stands out as an interesting choice for the most demanding expats with a top income, corporate and value-added taxes of 10%, and a territorial tax system. 

And let’s not forget the potential investment opportunities, including key sectors like real estate, energy and agroforestry. For these reasons, though underrated, Paraguay is an excellent country to get residency and make the most of your overseas experience. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the different pathways to residency so that you can choose the right one for you. Let’s begin.


Aerial view of Cerro Paraguari. These Mountains are one of most iconic landmarks in Paraguay

Aerial view of Cerro Paraguari. These Mountains are one of the most iconic landmarks in Paraguay


Relocating to a different nation is an important decision. But if you're seeking freedom, privacy, and legal tax reduction opportunities, look no further than Paraguay. As of 2023, most nationalities can apply for residency in this South American gem. It's also worth noting that Paraguayan law changed recently, making it easier to get permanent residency.

The term 'residency' covers various statuses in Paraguay: temporary residence, permanent residence, and tax resident status – each offering unique benefits and requiring specific procedures to acquire.



A popular choice for digital nomads or those looking to explore the lifestyle in Paraguay before committing fully is temporary residency. This allows you time on the ground without having full ties yet - an excellent way to dip your toes into local life before deciding whether a more long-term move suits you.

Paraguay Temporary Residency, known locally as 'Residencia Temporaria,' is another option available when looking at ways to live life under blue skies full-time here. It provides foreigners with legal status over their first year but does need renewal annually until reaching its maximum limit - five consecutive renewals possible before transitioning onto something even better.



If the vibrant culture and enticing opportunities attract you enough during your temporary stay (or even beforehand), securing permanent residency could be right up your street. Once granted, this permits unlimited access back and forth between home countries while enjoying rights similar to locals. It comes bearing benefits galore – once obtained (after fulfilling specific criteria), those granted access have rights similar to local citizens minus voting privileges. The freedom to work, study or do business across Mercosur countries is also a major perk of this residency status.

Getting a Paraguay Permanent Residency may seem like a big leap, but remember: if you've spent two years as a temporary resident and loved every moment, it's the next logical step on your Paraguayan adventure.



Frequently asked by expats interested in legally moving their wealth offshore is obtaining tax resident status. The process requires an initial visit but reaps considerable rewards as foreign income isn't taxed here.

Despite these options seeming straightforward initially, remember red tape. There are forms galore needing completion accurately, plus requirements including valid passports and criminal records checks, among others.

So remember: researching and understanding Paraguay residency before your move is vital. Realizing what's in store can ensure you're equipped for the voyage ahead in this multifaceted country. After all, with such an array of possibilities on offer, from temporary stays to full-blown citizenship, who wouldn't want a slice of the Paraguayan pie?


View of the city from the side of the Paraguay river, Asuncion, Paraguay

View of the city from the side of the Paraguay River, Asuncion, Paraguay


Paraguay is the place for you if you're searching for a residence that offers tax advantages and simple access to other nations in South America. As a resident here, your foreign income isn't taxed at all – that's right, 0%. Paraguayan law is very welcoming towards expats.

The process to become a tax resident isn’t too demanding either. But why stop there? Consider the possibility of dual citizenship. After three years, permanent residents can apply for Paraguayan citizenship.

Living in this vibrant country also gives you an exclusive pass - the freedom to travel within Mercosur countries without additional visas or paperwork. This means Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are just around the corner.



Becoming a tax resident doesn’t mean giving up your global lifestyle. In fact, it’s quite the opposite when we talk about Paraguay. Not only does living here offer financial advantages, but it also lets one enjoy the unique cultural richness of South America.

This warm-hearted nation has much more on its plate: safety standards on par with Europe, an open economy, strong democratic principles reflected in its national constitution, stunning natural beauty… The list goes on.



Becoming part of this spirited community opens doors not only within Paraguay but across borders as well. Residents have visa-free access throughout the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) bloc, which includes several booming economies. It's a fantasy come true for expats.

And if you ever feel the need to go back home or explore beyond South America? Well, your Paraguayan passport makes that easy, too.



Migrating to a fresh land is an exciting undertaking, but it's one that requires careful organization. If you've got your heart set on becoming a resident of the vibrant and welcoming nation of Paraguay, there are certain steps you'll need to follow.

Firstly, whether you're aiming for temporary or permanent residency, the initial process remains quite similar. The most crucial requirement is having a clean criminal record from both your home country and Paraguay itself.



To get started with this life-changing journey towards becoming a Paraguayan resident, let me walk you through some essential documents needed:

  • A valid passport with at least six months validity remaining before its expiration date;

  • Your birth certificate issued by authorities in your home country;

  • If applicable - marriage certificate;

  • A police background check (local police back at home) confirmed no criminal records.

All these documents must be legalized either via Apostille or Consulate Certification, depending on which country they were issued. Furthermore, don't forget about translations. All foreign documents have to be translated into Spanish by a certified translator in Paraguay.

You might think it sounds daunting but fear not – getting help from verified experts can simplify this paperwork labyrinth immensely. They ensure all your ducks are lined up correctly so there won’t be any hiccups during the application process.

The cost isn't too bad either: acquiring tax residency requires just one visit to beautiful Paraguay, costing around $400 USD in government fees (excluding professional service charges). However, keep note that once successful, maintaining tax residency would require you to have a local address.

Remember, Paraguay offers different types of residencies, so depending on your situation and goals, one might suit you better than others. The great news is that most nationalities can apply for residency without needing any special visas before visiting Paraguay.

To wrap things up, moving to this sunny South American country isn't as tricky as you might first think. With the right guidance and preparation, you can begin a new life in Paraguay with ease.


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Asuncion is the capital and the largest city of Paraguay

Asuncion is the capital and the largest city of Paraguay


The process to get residency in Paraguay is straightforward but does require a bit of legwork. Gaining either temporary or permanent residency in Paraguay necessitates following certain steps.



Your first task is to gather your documents. This includes a valid passport, birth certificate and, if applicable, marriage certificate. You'll also need clean criminal records from both your home country and Interpol – so it's important not just to keep your nose clean at home.



You can't start this process remotely; you must visit Paraguay. It’s not all paperwork, though - use this as an opportunity to experience what the country offers. Don’t forget your documents - they will come in handy during police background checks.



To acquire temporary residency, submit these documents along with application forms at the Migrations Office in Asunción within five days after entering the country.



A crucial part of obtaining tax residency is presenting monthly VAT declarations – don’t let this slide, as failure could cost you dearly. The costs average around $2300 USD when using help from verified experts who understand local procedures intimately.


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Magical Golden Sunset in the Pantanal Wetlands in Paraguay

Magical Golden Sunset in the Pantanal Wetlands in Paraguay


If you're eyeing a move overseas, consider this: not all residencies are created equal. In Paraguay, there's an array of residency options that could be just right for your needs.



The decision between temporary and permanent residency can hinge on several factors. Let's evaluate both to determine which is the most suitable for you.

Temporary Paraguay residency, as its name suggests, is short-term, but don't let that fool you - it has its perks. It gives most nationalities a chance to apply for various visas, including work or student ones. Paraguayan immigration law (updated October 2023) provides more details on these provisions.

Moving onto permanent Paraguay residency, we find some real gems. After living in the country for three years with this status, residents can ask about citizenship. The United Kingdom offers similar benefits, making them both great options if settling down is part of your plan.

Apart from lifestyle considerations, tax implications may also influence your choice between temporary and permanent residence. Each option carries different responsibilities when it comes to paying taxes in Paraguay – so make sure you know what they are before making a commitment.


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San Jose beach, Encarnación, Paraguay

San Jose beach, Encarnación, Paraguay


If you're pondering on becoming a resident of the 'Heart of South America', then it's crucial to understand what life is like living as an expat in Paraguay. Let's investigate this jointly.

Paraguay residency offers more than just beneficial tax policies. The country provides economic stability with its steady growth and low inflation rates. This environment makes for ideal conditions to invest or start your own business here.

You'll find that many residents appreciate the laid-back lifestyle, which blends seamlessly with the vibrant culture and traditions. Being one of the least densely populated countries in South America also means less hustle-bustle, providing ample space for personal growth and relaxation.



Per their national constitution, political rights are well respected within Paraguay’s democratic framework. Although some areas require further development, significant strides have been made towards improving governance since transitioning from authoritarian rule three decades ago.



In terms of safety, no place is perfect, but knowing about local customs can help mitigate risks associated with crime levels comparable to those across Latin America. One essential requirement before moving would be obtaining your police background check document – A measure ensuring everyone feels secure in their community.



Moving onto cultural aspects - Embrace yourself. You’ll be immersed into a rich tapestry woven by Guarani and Spanish influences while experiencing festivals filled with traditional music and dance throughout year-round sunshine weather.
The official languages are Spanish and Guarani - making language learning an enriching experience. Though you might find a language barrier initially, Paraguayans are generally welcoming and patient with newcomers trying to learn their language.



Certain requirements need fulfillment for those looking to acquire tax residency or permanent residence citizenship in Paraguay, like obtaining a valid passport, birth certificate, and marriage certificate (if applicable). Moreover, visiting the country personally is necessary to start this process, which adds a more personal touch while deciding if it's the right place for relocation. To wrap things up, living as a resident in this place is truly an experience to savour.


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Villarrica, Paraguay

Villarrica, Paraguay


So, we've travelled through the twists and turns of Paraguay residency. We've seen its benefits, including tax advantages on foreign income and freedom to roam Mercosur countries.

We’ve discovered that obtaining different types of temporary and permanent residencies is possible. We learned about the documents needed, the costs involved, and some tips on smoothly navigating it.

The most important takeaway? It's possible - you can become a resident of this South American gem! All you need is careful planning and persistence.

In conclusion, if your heart longs for adventure or just wants an alternative place to call home... Paraguay might be worth considering!


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