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The Expat Summit 2023: The Path To Your New Life Abroad

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The Expat Summit 2023: The Path To Your New Life Abroad

The world can feel overwhelming, especially since 2020. It's a daunting pursuit to make sense of it. 

You might find yourself questioning the uncertainties of our society, such as the encroaching technocracy, draconian restrictions and brutal violations of human rights. 

In the midst of these challenges, the quest for financial stability and wealth protection becomes paramount. We yearn for greater privacy to reclaim control over our lives.

The good news? You’re not alone. You’re about to discover what you can do about it.

The Expat Money Summit 2023 – taking place from October 2-6, 2023 – the world’s largest expat conference, is back with the knowledge and insights of over 30 seasoned expats who have done what you plan to do. 

Picture this: legally reducing your tax bill, maximizing your returns without fear, living life on your terms and more. All from the comfort of your home. But let me make something clear:

This summit is for more than just experienced expats.

It’s for everyone who recognizes world problems and wants to find a plan B to safeguard their wealth. If that’s you, you can access this summit for FREE. 

Yes, that’s right: there are no barriers to accessing valuable information that will improve your life. 

If you’re ready to explore new opportunities, meet like-minded people and gain insights from renowned experts, join the Expat Money Summit and start securing your new life abroad. Here’s what you’ll find inside.


Mikkel Thorup is the host of the Expat Money Summit

Mikkel Thorup is the host of the Expat Money Summit


I've had the privilege of gaining insights from over 23 years of exploring more than 100 countries and living in 9 of them. Through these experiences, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I humbly offer to help you in your own journey.

As the host of the Expat Money Summit, I bring a unique perspective to the table — one shaped by my extensive travels and interactions with diverse cultures. Alongside my expat adventures, I am also the founder of Expat Money and host of The Expat Money Show Podcast, where I strive to assist individuals like you in unlocking the secrets to financial freedom, wealth creation, protection, and a world of new opportunities.

My true passion lies in supporting others as they reclaim their freedom and blaze their own path in life. I'm honoured to provide valuable resources through my multiple ventures, aiming to positively impact your journey.

With the Expat Money Summit, my goal is to act as your guiding light on your path to financial independence and security. I've been fortunate to assist hundreds of private clients with investments, wealth protection, immigration, and other aspects of the expat lifestyle. My vast network of professionals around the globe ensures that you receive the best advice and service as I aim to remove unnecessary hurdles on your way to success.


Out of my network of contacts, I’ve handpicked the best speakers to help people like you get valuable insights to achieve your goals. We’re honoured to present some of the most prominent names in the world of finance, liberty, and living internationally.

This year I welcome back distinguished speakers such as Dr. Ron Paul, known for his libertarian perspectives and advocacy for limited government; Doug Casey, a trailblazer in international investing and economics; Jim Rogers, a seasoned investor and leading authority on global markets; Marc Faber, the Swiss investor with a keen eye for market trends; and Swen Lorenz, head of Undervalued Shares and one of the residents of the island of Sark

And that’s just the beginning. 

This year I’m also honoured to host the one and only Peter Schiff, a true visionary who predicted the 2008 housing market collapse well before it actually happened. We added Tom Woods, the prolific author of books such as The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and Meltdown.

However, this is just a sneak peek of all the speakers. You can find out more about all of them here.

The insights from these exceptional speakers are worth their weight in gold. They have dealt with economic storms, navigated complex investment landscapes, and gathered the information you need to succeed.

Their experiences, knowledge and to-the-point perspectives will be invaluable to those who want to make informed decisions, protect their wealth, and explore new investment opportunities beyond the confines of their own country. 

Whether you’re a seasoned expat or a beginner just starting to consider a new life abroad, the wisdom of these experts will equip you with the tools you need to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

With such an illustrious lineup, the Expat Money Summit is a must for anyone looking to secure their financial future and regain control of their lives. If you want to access this invaluable information, don’t miss this incredible chance to learn from the best and take the first step towards a life of freedom and sovereignty. 


The Expat Money Summit 2023

Some speakers of the Expat Money Summit 2023


At the Expat Money Summit, we focus on global issues and concerns from a freedom  – and pragmatic – perspective. 

The sessions are curated to explore topics that matter to those seeking financial freedom and a plan B for their future. From the rising technocracy and privacy concerns to the ever-changing nature of global markets, we delve into the issues that people like you care the most about. 

As mentioned before, this is a freedom and PRAGMATIC event. While we’d love to find the perfect “Shangri-La,” we know that’s not possible, and in turn, we want to give you actionable solutions to reach your goals. 

This Summit is not about ethereal ideas. It’s about the blueprint for success in wealth protection, tax optimization, and the search for freedom. 

Also, I cannot stress enough that this event is for everyone willing to make significant changes in their lives. We’ll showcase a diverse array of sessions to engage both beginners and seasoned expats alike. 

From understanding the fundamentals of obtaining second residencies and citizenships to advanced investment opportunities, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to secure your financial future or simply explore a plan B for peace of mind, you’ll find the knowledge you’re looking for. 



The Expat Money Summit is breaking down barriers (it’s entirely online) and making information accessible to all. 

This is the free golden ticket to gain insights from seasoned experts in the field of finance and global living. Freedom is for those who seek it and fight for it, so regardless of your background or location, we want to help you take control of your financial future and explore a sea of boundless opportunities.

The idea is simple. With just an internet connection, you’ll access all this knowledge from anywhere in the world. No need to book flights, pack bags or anything of that sort. The summit will seamlessly fit into your life, allowing you to take part on your terms and at your own pace.

Also, you’ll connect with like-minded people from every corner of the globe, share experiences and build meaningful connections. This event is accessible, completely free and valuable for people like you who want to secure their new lives abroad. 

However, this information won't be available forever. You can catch replays only up to 24 hours after each session has been published. So, if you can’t attend and rewatch the videos soon, you’ll lose your chance of gaining access to top-tier information. 

But there’s a solution.

If you want to avoid that, I’ve got good news for you. If you get the VIP ticket, you’ll be able to watch every session whenever you want. 

That’s right. You can come back to them if you miss one, some or even all sessions. 

Also, you can get the MP3 audio and PDF transcripts and download everything for future reference. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll have access to exclusive panel sessions, an expat freedom kit and much more. 

Still yearning for more exclusivity? I’ve got you covered:

If you want to go one step further and are serious about getting the best information, the Prestige Ticket will get you all of the above plus lifetime Summit VIP access and even personal advice from Mikkel Thorup and the Expat Money team. 

Another massive perk you’re getting is membership in The Hub, an online community of like-minded people with a built-in social media network, exclusive special reports, members-only excursions and discounts on future in-person conferences. You’ll be treated like a rockstar.

No matter what ticket you choose, rest assured that you will gain valuable knowledge about legally reducing your tax bill, maximizing returns and creating a lifestyle on your terms. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to hear from over 30 seasoned expats and renowned experts, including Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and many others. 

It’s free to attend, so reserve your spot now to unlock a world of possibilities. 


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I help my clients to move offshore for freedom, privacy and autonomy by focusing on the immigration, legal, and tax issues that you will face when becoming an expat. If you would like to work one-on-one with me on getting out of your home country (or setting up a Plan-B location), then read this important letter and fill in an application form to become a Private Client. My fees are not cheap; however, I can assure you that when you work with a professional firm like ours, the results will be worth it.



If you want the best intel from the expat world, including profitable offshore opportunities, little-known tax-saving strategies, and hard-won insights on immigration, passports, and Plan-B residencies, all delivered to your inbox every single week, then join our daily correspondence, EMS Pulse. Currently enjoyed by over 84,000 expats and expat-hopefuls worldwide. Fill in the form below to join our newsletter free:


Mikkel Thorup

Written by Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup is the world’s most sought-after expat consultant. He focuses on helping high-net-worth private clients to legally mitigate tax liabilities, obtain a second residency and citizenship, and assemble a portfolio of foreign investments including international real estate, timber plantations, agricultural land and other hard-money tangible assets. Mikkel is the Founder and CEO at Expat Money®, a private consulting firm started in 2017. He hosts the popular weekly podcast, the Expat Money Show, and wrote the definitive #1-Best Selling book Expat Secrets - How To Pay Zero Taxes, Live Overseas And Make Giant Piles Of Money, and his second book: Expats Guide On Moving To Mexico.

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