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Obtaining Citizenship In Argentina Through Naturalization

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Obtaining Citizenship In Argentina Through Naturalization

Citizenship by investment programs has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, many of these programs are increasing the investment requirements or adding other conditions to make the process harder. However, there are other competitive routes to citizenship that do not require an investment. If you are willing to spend time living in certain countries to become a resident and then apply, there are many options that allow you to apply for citizenship after several years. Argentina is an attractive option, as you are eligible to apply for citizenship after you have been a permanent resident for two years.

Investing in Argentina is one of many ways to become a permanent resident. Argentinian citizenship offers a relatively strong passport that allows visa-free travel to many countries. If you are interested in living in Argentina long term, then it makes sense to explore citizenship options as well.


Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina


If you want to gain Argentina citizenship, you need to follow the following steps: become a temporary resident of Argentina, apply for permanent residency, and then apply for citizenship. This is the standard process unless your parents are from Argentina or you marry someone from Argentina. When you apply for temporary residency, you are initially granted residency for one year and then can renew it for another year. After these two years are over, you are eligible to apply for permanent residency. You can apply for citizenship after you have been a permanent resident of Argentina for two years. This timeframe is relatively attractive, as other regional countries like Brazil require three years of permanent residency before you can apply. In Argentina, you could become a citizen in as little as two years after you become a temporary resident.

In order to be eligible, you will need to submit a variety of documents, including:

  • Clean criminal background record
  • Valid passport
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of income/funds
  • Three payment receipts of the government pension
  • Application and other requested documents

People acquire permanent residency through different means, including employment, freelancing, studying, living off a pension, or starting a business. You need to live in Argentina to be approved for permanent residency and stay in Argentina for two uninterrupted years to apply for citizenship. If you have a strong interest in Argentina and want to avoid investing to gain residency and eventually citizenship, then Argentina is a good option. Expats already living in Argentina should certainly take advantage of this option.


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However, if you don’t want to wait for five years, there are better options globally, although all will likely require a significant investment in the country.

Investing in Argentina is one way to put you on track to gaining residency, which would surely speed up Argentina's citizenship process. There are also plenty of ways to become a permanent resident and eventual citizen without investing in Argentina. 

Argentina offers a special investment visa, which you can acquire if you invest 1.5 million Argentinian pesos (about $15,000 USD) in a business or commercial investment in Argentina. If you want to apply for this visa, you must submit your C.V., financial records, and business plan to the Ministry of Industry and Tourism in Argentina. You will receive temporary residence for three years but can apply for permanent residency after two years. After two years of permanent residency, you can apply for Argentine citizenship.


Argentina On Map

Argentina On Map


Many factors allow a person to be eligible for Argentine citizenship:

  • Establishing a new enterprise or inventing something new
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Working in Argentina’s public administration or serving in the military
  • Marrying an Argentinian citizen
  • Academic Researcher

You will need to submit multiple documents, including your birth certificate ( with an apostille), proof of residency in Argentina, passport photos, a copy of the DNI ( ID card), and proof of sufficient funds. It seems best to focus on starting a valuable business for Argentina rather than working remotely for a company outside Argentina. Certain things can disqualify you from Argentinian citizenship, including not having an income, criminal prosecution, or if you get caught working without a legal work permit. Furthermore, you must show strong interest in Argentina’s culture, history, politics, and economy.


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Argentina is a stand-out country in this region because it offers citizenship after only two years of residency, while you have to wait three years or more in other countries. Once you apply, it can sometimes take more than a year to hear back about the decision.


Floralis Generica, Buenos Aires

Floralis Generica, Buenos Aires


Although Argentina is not one of the most sought-after countries by those looking for a second passport, holding an Argentine passport does come with a fair share of advantages. No language skills or interviews are required for your application, though it would be helpful to become fluent in Spanish before applying. You can obtain an Argentine passport without investing a significant amount of money in the country. Furthermore, you can travel visa-free to over 150 countries on this passport, and you will not have to give up your previous citizenship. According to the Global Passport Power Index, Argentina’s passport allows you to reach 80% of the world. 


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Drone Shot of Argentina Glacier

Drone Shot of Argentina Glacier


Argentina’s passport has a lot of hidden value, as the application process is quicker, and you do not need to invest in the country. Furthermore, Argentina has a very strong passport that will open you up to South America and other regions and allow you to invest in land. This option is best for someone who has already decided to become a resident of Argentina and wants to take advantage of the option to become a citizen. It is also attractive on a regional basis, as some South American programs may take longer or require investments.



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