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Mauritius' Premium Travel Visa An Alternative For Digital Nomads

The island nation of Mauritius is renowned for its lively culture, turbulent history, sugar and textile industries, magnificent lagoons, and immaculate beaches. The island is off the southeastern coast of Africa and east of Madagascar. The Island continues to attract tourists and expats from all over the world thanks to its high standard of life, growing economy, diversity of cultures, favourable tax laws, and growth.

The digital nomad visa for Mauritius, also known as a Premium Travel Visa, is very unique and not the most inviting. For starters, this digital nomad visa isn’t for everyone. Mauritius has limitations on countries that can apply for it, and any non-citizen of the approved countries will have a harder time obtaining it since you will need to prove a few things, and it will require some advanced planning. Lastly, it is incredibly difficult to find much information on Mauritius that will help your process and requirements. This is why I chose to write this article for any expats interested in Mauritius.


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Mauritius on a Map

The Life of a Digital Nomad In Mauritius

Mauritius has many new and unique experiences for the digital nomad. One thing I would recommend is living in expat areas. Although they are tourist areas, you can still experience the unique Mauritian culture and many activities. You will also thank me later as traffic in busier areas ranges from slower than a snail to downright deadly and dangerous.

Mauritius also has a wide variety of food street vendors with many different foods, including local, Chinese, Hindi, and many others. I would suggest sticking to these food sources if you want to eat out and not cook since they are more inexpensive, but even a fancier meal can cost as little as $25 USD. Which is a fantastic price, but not everything is this affordable on the island.

Hotels and resorts are definitely on the high-cost list. Prices can range from $200 USD to thousands of dollars for a single night. Rental houses and apartments are also available, and you might be able to find a rental for as little as $250 USD. I would choose an apartment rental living in Mauritius as a digital nomad because it is cheaper and because I love getting the most out of my dollars.


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Seven Colored Earth, Chamarel, Mauritius

Seven Colored Earth, Chamarel, Mauritius

Mauritius Premium Travel Visa

Mauritius’ Premium Travel Visa will allow a stay of up to one year. Digital nomads who wish to work remotely in the country can use the Mauritius Premium Visa program for tourism and work, as it allows you to work remotely there. This visa is given to visitors, retirees, or other professionals and their families to live in the country for one year with the possibility of renewing for another year. If you possess the visa and reside in the country for more than 183 days, you will be considered a tax resident.

Unfortunately, only citizens of 114 countries are eligible for the digital nomad visa in Mauritius. We hope that in the future, they will open their borders up to many more countries. You can look at one of their official websites listing all countries here.

You can still travel to Mauritius and work remotely even if you are not a citizen of one of the mentioned countries. Simply obtain a tourist visa before arriving in Mauritius, and then apply for the premium visa. You can obtain a tourist visa for Mauritius at any corresponding embassy or consulate in your country.


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Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

How can I apply for a digital nomad visa in Mauritius?

You can apply for the Mauritius digital nomad visa online using the Mauritius Economic Development Board’s official website. Before you begin filling out the application, it's quite important to gather and digitize all of the necessary documents. This will make it easier and faster to complete the process. You can also apostille the required documents to expedite your application.

The following documents are required to apply for a digital nomad visa for Mauritius.

  • You need a valid passport for the duration of your stay.    
  • You need a valid Passport-Sized Photo.
  • You will require proof of accommodations, which can be a hotel reservation, lease, or rental agreement.
  • You need health insurance for digital nomads or travel health insurance, depending on the duration of your stay.
  • You must prove that you will have sufficient income to cover your expenses during your stay, with a monthly threshold of $1500 USD.

The next step is to start an online application, fill in all the required information fields and upload the necessary documents. This only takes a few minutes to be completed, and you are not required to pay any fee because the Mauritius digital nomad visa is issued free of charge. Your application will be processed 48 hours after submission, and you will receive your visa via email. Although the response time for the Mauritius digital nomad visa is flawless, it is nevertheless advised that you apply in advance of your intended trip.


Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius


Mauritius has much to offer for expats wishing to become digital nomads. You will have many different activities, from hiking to relaxing at a magnificent beach. The island is small but be careful, you may find yourself stuck in traffic for hours. The process is straightforward; however, it is limited to specific citizenships. This doesn't mean you can’t get the premium visa. It just means you will have to go there as a tourist first and then apply for the Premium Travel Visa. I would say it is worth going there if not for the savings on tax then for the adventure and experience. You might love it there and even decide to become a citizen.



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