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Life In The Caribbean Island Of Anguilla

The vast majority of current Anguillans are of mixed ancestry. The island's population of over 110,000 consists of a diverse multinational group of friendly people passionate about hospitality. More than 90 different countries are represented among the residents of Anguilla, who all live and work there harmoniously due to the island's excellent living conditions, fantastic weather, and high level of safety. 

Despite having a diverse population, the natives share a distinct sense of national identity supported by a thriving economy, a top-notch educational system, and one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean. Anguilla is known for its warm hospitality and ever-present willingness to assist visitors. The warmth of the smiles and the friendliness of the people have not gone unnoticed by the visitors to the island, with many saying that it is the people that keep them coming back year after year. Anguilla nevertheless has its distinctive character despite its wide range of cultural influences, as seen by the island's openness. 


Carnival in Anguilla

Carnival in Anguilla


British and African heritage influences the culture of Anguilla, and it bears the marks of a turbulent past. They enthusiastically commemorate significant phases and events in their history. Early Amerindian, European, and African settlers are the subjects of legends, myths, and holidays. These have been passed down the centuries and incorporated into daily life. There are a lot of vibrant festivals and festivities on the island, and most of them are centred around historical events. The Summer Festival, which honours the island's liberation, is the most popular and takes place every August. It comes alive with dance, fancy dress, parades, and two-week fairs. 

Most of Anguilla's population currently speaks a mainstream English dialect with British influences. There are also speakers of various dialects of Chinese, Spanish, and other languages spoken by different immigrant groups. The island's unique English-lexifier Creole language is, nonetheless, the most widely spoken language aside from Standard English.

Christianity is the dominant religion in the island country of Anguilla. You may also encounter Rastafarians gathering for worship, and Anguilla has one mosque that is found off the Jeremiah Gumbs Highway.


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The nightlife in Anguilla offers as fantastic of a deal as you may anticipate from a Caribbean island with enjoyable beach bars. High-profile favourites for a night out include the unassuming Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay, which is topped by a surfboard and has a scattering of white plastic seats. This place is saturated with reggae, calypso, and soca sounds. Other alternatives include the bigger Gwen's Reggae Grill, a brightly coloured structure directly on Shoal Bay, or the live music venue Johnno's Beach Stop in The Valley. Bankie Banx, the owner of the hip Dune Preserve bar, is a legendary figure in the area's nightlife and the brains behind the island's wildly popular yearly reggae event, Moonsplash.


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Caribbean Johnny cakes

Caribbean Johnny cakes


Anguilla is one of the Caribbean's gastronomic paradises, with more than 70 restaurants throughout this small island. Visitors will still find plenty of delicious alternatives on the island, even though it has many fine dining establishments with renowned chefs and wine cellars. Traditional Anguilla cuisine like tamarind balls, salt fish for breakfast, and Johnny cakes are also delicious. Anguilla's most common side dish is rice and pigeon peas, while rum is the preferred beverage. 



There are a variety of small art galleries on Anguilla, as well as boutiques that offer handcrafted items from the island and a museum that has displays of the island's prehistoric relics and history. The island frequently hosts theatrical productions despite the absence of a permanent theatre. Artist competitions, displays, and seminars are all part of the Anguilla Arts Festival, which occurs every two years.



Anguilla makes it simple to satisfy a passion for live sports. The preferred sport is cricket, with the local Anguilla XI team situated at James Ronald Webster Park in the nation's capital. In addition, there is a vibrant boat racing scene with exciting sailing competitions that everyone may participate in. Back on dry ground, the flat nature of the island has led to the emergence of a competitive road cycling scene. Rugby is a burgeoning sport, and the local team to support is Anguilla Eels RFC.


Graduate Holding a Mortarboard

Graduate Holding a Mortarboard


The educational systems of Anguilla consist of primary, secondary, and higher education. Math, science, social studies, and language arts are taught in primary schools. Technology, physical education, music, and the arts are all included in the extracurricular activities. Prevention-focused education in guidance, counselling and life skills is also emphasized. 

Between the ages of five and fifteen, education is free and required. English is the official language used for instruction in the Anguillan educational system, which is mainly based on the British model. Anguilla has a literacy rate of 95%. However, you can always look at our schooling program if the British model does not suit you. 



The birth and mortality rates are balanced, and the health standards are good. A small hospital is situated in Anguilla, and a government health program offers some limited medical services. Anguilla residents must travel beyond the island for complex or protracted medical treatment.


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Beach on Anguilla Island

Beach on Anguilla Island


Anguilla is a great Caribbean island with a very active nightlife scenario, beautiful beaches are just, an abundance of different foods to try, and places to explore. As expected from a Caribbean island, be ready to listen to a lot of reggae, especially during Moonsplash. However, you might have a little difficulty understanding their English dialect at first.

It would be a fantastic vacation spot for sure, especially for digital nomads wanting to live on a beautiful island for a short time. As for permanent residency, I think it would be a great living and retirement experience. The best is that Anguilla has both a digital nomad visa and a golden visa, so these options are within your reach.



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