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How To Retire In Honduras With Your Family

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How To Retire In Honduras With Your Family

Honduras is undeniably one of Central America's most beautiful paradises. Honduras has enticed retirees from all over the world to make it their second home with its wealth of natural resources, tropical fruits, magnificent beaches, and natural beauty.

Obtaining a Honduras Retirement Visa will enable you to relocate to Honduras permanently. In addition, retired foreign citizens who remain inside Honduras' borders are granted a temporary residence permit known as a Honduras Retirement Visa.


Beach at Roatan, Honduras

Beach at Roatan, Honduras


Honduras' government provides two categories of visas. The first is the Retirement Visa (Visa de Retiro), and the second is the Permanent Residency Visa (Visa para Residente Permanente).

Before applying for one of these visas, applicants must provide specific documentation. Evidence of health insurance coverage, proof of adequate means to maintain oneself during their stay, and a letter from their work explaining why they wish to migrate are all required.

The Honduras Retirement visa permits a person to remain permanently in Honduras after retiring. Additionally, it provides applicants with social security benefits, free medical care, and pension payments. It does not enable the person to work or own property.

The Permanent Residency visa holder can work, own property, and get social security benefits. Before applying for this visa, you must have resided in the nation for at least five years.


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San Pedro Sula City

San Pedro Sula City


According to the National Immigration Council, you will be qualified for a Honduras Retirement Visa if you meet the following criteria:

  • You can demonstrate that your economic and financial status is steady (assets, securities, pension).
  • A monthly transfer of $1500 USD or the equivalent in a national currency to a Honduran bank from a source outside Honduras is possible (pensionado).
  • You may demonstrate that you get a permanent, legitimate, and consistent income of at least $2.500 USD or the equivalent in a national currency earned overseas or on a national territory (rentista).
  • You have no criminal record and are not deemed a threat to Honduras or its people.


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Mahogany Bay has clear and safe water for swiming

Mahogany Bay has clear and safe water for swiming


To apply for a Honduras Retirement Visa, you should contact an expert in these matters, like us, to walk you through the application procedure. You must acquire the relevant documentation after speaking with an attorney knowledgeable about this procedure. These are the documents:

  • Application form
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Power of attorney
  • Certification of Migratory Movement
  • Honduras criminal record certification
  • A medical report

All documents issued in a language other than Spanish must be legally translated, authorized or apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You may apply for a Honduras Retirement Visa from anywhere in the world or inside Honduras.

If you are applying from outside of Honduras, you may do so at your country's closest Honduran consulate or embassy. If you wish to apply from Honduras, you must first get a Honduras visa to enter the country and begin the application procedure. Most travellers will get a free 90-day visa upon arrival.


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Mahogany Bay beach resort, Honduras

Mahogany Bay beach resort, Honduras


The processing duration of the application usually is 6-12 weeks. If you want to apply for a visa, you can contact us, and we will make sure to submit your documents appropriately.



With a retirement visa, your family members may join you in Honduras. You can bring your dependents (spouse and children) with you on this visa. You must add $150 USD for each dependant and present supporting documentation such as birth and marriage certificates to confirm the connection.


Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


There are several advantages to acquiring a Honduras retirement visa. Among them are the following:

  • Free medical care
  • Free Education
  • Free housing
  • Free transportation
  • Gaining access to government programs
  • Exemption from taxes
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Social Security Payment
  • Pension Payment
  • Travel discounts


Bay Islands in Honduras

Bay Islands in Honduras


Here are some reasons why you should retire in Honduras:

Weather: Honduras has a warm climate, suitable for spending your days on the beach and relaxing for the rest of your life. In the lowlands, the climate is tropical, whereas, in the mountains, it is cooler for those that aren’t too fond of heat.

Real estate market: If you want to invest in real estate in Honduras, you may do it for a moderate cost. Honduras' real estate values are comparatively low. Whether you want to buy a property or rent a place to live, the rates are still relatively low.



You will benefit from tax exemption as a retiree while importing vehicles, personal possessions, and household goods.

Social security benefits: When you retire in Honduras, you will get benefits equivalent to 50% of your monthly wage. These funds are instantly transferred into your bank account. You are not required to submit a return.

Pension plan: The government will give you a pension plan when you retire in Honduras. The pension amount is determined by how long you worked before retiring.



Compared to other Central American nations, Honduras' living expenditures are inexpensive for everyone. Without rent, the monthly spending for a single individual on the Island is projected to be roughly $600 USD. This figure covers costs for necessities like transportation, food, water, energy, and so on.

Even if you add rent, Honduras will remain affordable and accessible. This implies that the rent pricing will be the same whether you live in the city or outside of the city centre. One-bedroom apartments in the city centre may be found for as little as $300 USD, while three-bedroom apartments for as little as $450 USD outside of the city centre.

On average, a monthly income of $1000-$1500 USD would be enough to live comfortably in Honduras.


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Roatan beach has calm water for amazing sea bath

Roatan beach has calm water for amazing sea bath


Deciding where to retire in Honduras is difficult since the nation has several lovely areas that will meet your retirement demands. Here are some of the best locations to retire in Honduras to assist you in deciding where to reside.



Roatan is renowned for its spectacular offshore reefs and coral gardens and is one of Honduras's most popular retirement destinations. Several activities are available, including snorkelling and diving, rainforest tours, horseback riding, boat cruises, and many more.



La Ceiba is a prominent tourist location surrounded by thick forests, stunning mountains, rivers, and magnificent beaches.

In La Ceiba, it's difficult not to have a good time. You may take an ATV trip through the slopes and river valleys, hike through the forest, dive into the spectacular waterfalls, canoe, or relax on the beach. The town is also incredibly secure, making you feel at ease.



Copan Ruinas is one of Honduras' most renowned attractions. The city is surrounded by lush flora and is recognized for its stunning stone temples, altars, hieroglyphs, and stelae. The archaeological site is a popular tourist attraction.

Every day at Copan Ruinas will feel like a jungle adventure.



Gracias is a small town in western Honduras. The town is ideal for cultural and environmental tourism, and there is plenty to do. You will enjoy the high temperatures all year, which allows you to spend the remainder of your retirement on the beach.



Santa Rosa de Copan is a small town with numerous colourful structures. It is one of Honduras' safest cities. Santa Rosa de Copan is perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking to sample new flavours. Other things made in the city include cigars, sugar refining, furniture, leather goods, clothes, and drinks.


Roathan is also a good place for boating

Roathan is also a good place for boating


Taxes in Honduras are based on a progressive tax system, from worldwide income for citizens and residents, from being exempt up to 25%. While non-residents will only be taxed only territorial taxes, meaning non-residents only pay taxes on Honduran-sourced income. Unlike other territorial-based tax system countries, in Honduras, you will be considered a tax resident after 90 days of living there during a fiscal year. These 90 days are counted even if you leave the country and then come back for a few months more during the same year.



Honduras' Ministry of Health is in charge of healthcare. The public sector's medical services are primarily offered in developed cities, making it more difficult for residents in rural regions to get medical care.

Although Honduras has several hospitals and health facilities that offer medical and dental services, but the nation needs more doctors to provide adequate primary healthcare.

The healthcare system is organized into two parts: public and private. The Ministry of Health and the Honduras Social Security Institute are examples of the public sector, while nonprofit organizations are examples of the private sector.

The private sector serves those who can afford to pay or are insured by private insurance. Private health insurance covers around 2.9% of the population.


Roatan Cruise Port

Roatan Cruise Port


Honduras is a lovely tropical destination to visit or live in. Honduras has mountains, beaches, and other attractions, so there is something for everyone. Personal safety is crucial in Honduras. It is essential not to take needless chances while travelling around the nation, mostly since private hospitals are only accessible in towns and tourist areas.


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