How To Enjoy Your Retirement Years In Estonia

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How To Enjoy Your Retirement Years In Estonia

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe noted for its beautiful environment, varied culture, and delicious food. It is one of the most developed countries in the world, and it continues to attract tourists due to its creative economy and straightforward visa-granting procedure. It supports all fresh and creative ideas and offers various business opportunities in the technology sector.

Estonia has affordable living expenses, first-rate medical care, first-rate transportation, the best air quality in the world, and stunning scenery. Furthermore, being one of Europe's largest nations, even the capital city never seems congested!

Living and retiring in Estonia offer various perks, including a free internet connection. It is also one of Europe's least populated nations, with barely over a million people.

Unfortunately, Estonia does not provide a special retirement visa for people who desire to stay permanently there. There are, however, options for relocating to Estonia and enjoying your retirement years.



Obtaining an Estonia Temporary Residence Permit is an alternative to residing in Estonia for more than a year. The residence permit is granted to Individuals who desire to make Estonia their new home for an extended time (retirees, employers, students). This residence permit is provided with a D visa; consequently, you must first get a long-stay visa (D visa) before applying for a temporary residence permit.


Estonia offers diversity of locations for you enjoy your retirement

Estonia offers diversity of locations for you enjoy your retirement


You must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible for retirement in Estonia.

  • You should be financially self-sufficient.
  • You must have a monthly passive income from a source other than Estonia.
  • You must not have any criminal history.
  • You must be in good health condition.

The temporary resident permit has a five-year initial validity term and may be extended for an additional ten years.

To settle in Estonia permanently, you must have a temporary residence permit for five consecutive years. You must complete other conditions to be eligible for permanent residence in Estonia.


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Living in Tallinn allows you to appreciate the amazing Christmas decoration in the town

Living in Tallinn allows you to appreciate the amazing Christmas decoration in the town


One might argue that the nation is one of the safest places in the world, given that few crimes are recorded there, except for a few minor offenses such as pick-pocketing. The country takes pleasure in having a low accident rate compared to other European countries.

Despite the low crime rate, it is nevertheless prudent to take care while strolling through crowded areas during peak tourist seasons. To live in the country, you must also obey all safety requirements and drive safely on highways.

You will have no problems throughout your stay in the country as long as you follow the regulations rigorously and avoid getting involved in arguments since kidnapping is never an issue and muggings are rare.


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Tartu is a university town and every event revolves around it

Tartu is a university town and every event revolves around it


Estonia offers several towns, cities, and islands suitable for all types of retirees. The diversity of locations makes it easy to determine what is perfect for you. Here are some of the best spots for retirees in Estonia.



Contrary to popular belief, this small university town boasts a sizable elderly population. It has a total area of 39 km2 and a population of 98,400.

Even though Tartu has many university students (and teachers), the pace of life here is significantly slower than in Tallinn. The majority of Tartu's events are related to the university.

The cost of living in this place is expensive. The average rent for an apartment is about €400.00 ($447.00 USD), while the average house price is around €70,000.00 ($78,187.00 USD).

While these are the most intriguing towns in Estonia for expat retirees, you may also want to check out Viljandi or Parnu.



Haapsalu is a small seaside resort on Estonia's west coast. Haapsalu, a 13th-century architectural marvel, is famed for its therapeutic waters and mud. The town is the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy pleasant walks in the neighbourhood.

There are several important sites in Haapsalu, but the most frequented section is the one with the castle and the old town.

In Haapsalu, property rents cost approximately €200.00 ($224.00 USD), and you may buy a house for as little as €25,000.00 (28,000.00 USD). Haapsalu is made chiefly of wood structures from the 19th and 20th centuries. Most expat retirees choose traditional or contemporary sea-view residences.

This village is about an hour's drive from Tallinn, and many people seek medical care in the capital city. However, Haapsalu has a strong medical center and numerous English-speaking physicians that can treat various illnesses.


Kuressaare is the ideal place to live a calm life as a retiree because has mainly a senior population

Kuressaare is the ideal place to live a calm life as a retiree because has mainly a senior population


With a population of 13,105 and an area of just 15.0 square kilometers, this little town boasts a sizable senior population. However, the majority are locals. As a result, the pace of life on this side of the island is slower, and the residents are more tightly linked than on the mainland.

Kuressaare hosts several unique events geared mainly at the senior population. These events include the Saaremaa Opera Days in July, the Maritime Festival in August, the Saaremaa Food Festival in September, and the Rally in October (October). However, spa activities are often the most popular with seniors, and they are luckily arranged all year.

Renting an apartment in this town costs roughly €200.00 ($224.00 USD) while buying a property costs around €39,000.00 ($43,561.00 USD). The structures vary in style, from medieval limestone castles to Soviet-era apartments. Some of the contemporary semi-detached residences have sea views.

This town has sufficient medical services, including the Kuressaare Linn Medical Center and the Kuressaare Haigla. Furthermore, Kuressaare is well-linked to Tallinn and most other major European cities via daily flights.



Tallinn is the capital and biggest city of Estonia. It draws many tourists and expats thanks to its history, lifestyle, cultural events, and diverse attractions. Compared to most other European cities, property and rental expenses in Estonia's capital are likewise relatively low. A small 1-bedroom apartment in the city center would cost about €385.00 ($430.00 USD) per month, while a large 3-bedroom home in the same neighbourhood would cost around €650.00 ($726.00 USD). If you choose to buy your own home, a property in the city centre would cost roughly €2065.00 ($2307.00 USD) per square meter.

While Tallinn has reasonably priced homes, many older expats choose to relocate to smaller communities where the property is even more affordable.


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Haapsalu, in Estonia, is the ideal small seaside town with a nice neighbourhood

Haapsalu, in Estonia, is the ideal small seaside town with a nice neighbourhood


The National Health Service in Estonia is supported through general taxes. The healthcare system is divided into two sectors: public and private. The Estonian Health Insurance Fund is in charge of the public sector (EHIF). The Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) is an autonomous organization that acts as the only purchaser of medical care in Estonia, with four regional branches.

The Estonian healthcare system covers around 95% of the population. An insured person must be an Estonian permanent resident or legal resident who pays the social tax. The Ministry of Social Affairs covers uninsured people, but to get health insurance through the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, they must pay taxes to the government.


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Estonia may not be for everyone. Whether or whether you opt to retire in Estonia will be heavily influenced by the details of your life plans. At the absolute least, understanding the foundations of a specific location will allow you to determine if it satisfies your requirements and desires.


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