Everything You Need To Know About Birth Tourism To Get You Started

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Everything You Need To Know About Birth Tourism To Get You Started

Hidden without your deepest aspirations lies a quiet desire to give your children a future of boundless opportunities. Perhaps you were born and raised in just one country and have experienced the limitations of your passport. 

Obtaining second residencies and citizenship typically demands considerable time and money. However, your children could acquire them simply by being born in another country. What better gift could you give them than a life of increased freedom? You can also benefit from this and expedite your journey toward a second homeland. These are just a few of the benefits birth tourism offers.

Having kids is an important decision, and so is choosing the right place to have them. Birth tourism is based on the jus soli principle or birthright citizenship, meaning that the citizenship of a person is determined by their place of birth. 

In this article, we’re discussing everything you need to know about birth tourism, the legal implications and how your kids and you can benefit from it.


Note that dual citizenship laws might change over time.


Your childs citizenship opens doors for you, offering a simpler and faster path to your long-awaited second citizenship

Panama is one of the best places to do Birth Tourism


It’s common knowledge that parents want to make their children’s lives easier by giving them the best education, housing and opportunities they can afford. That’s why you can see parents working long hours for the sake of their offspring. This noble task, though, can get easier thanks to having kids in countries that offer birthright citizenship.



Imagine your child enters the world, their first cry echoes through the air and voilà – they’re already citizens of a new land. This is the power of the jus soli principle, where the place of birth bestows the gift of citizenship. There is no need to jump through hoops for a new passport for your kids.

You might wonder, “Why not just follow the regular path?” Keep this in mind: you have just given your child a wonderful gift that you can't give in your home country. Namely, birth tourism allows them to bypass the lengthy waiting period and residency requirements. Your kid’s future is unlocked with access to education, healthcare and even lower taxes.



Does only your kid benefit from birth tourism? No, because this can also fast-track your future. Consider this: You've chosen a destination renowned for its streamlined citizenship process post-birth. Your child's citizenship opens doors for you, offering a quicker route to your own second citizenship dreams. It’s almost a two-for-one deal, where your child’s place of birth becomes a launchpad for your own global aspirations.

Moreover, by playing your cards right, you can even pass on your own citizenship to your children. How? Using the jus sanguinis principle, people are citizens if their parents are from that country.


With good planning and research, your journey to parenthood can be comfortable and safe, count on the knowledge of the Expat Money team

Roseau skyline, Dominica


The allure of birth tourism is strong, but the legal landscape can be a maze. While leveraging birth tourism, you must navigate the country's laws carefully. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations, and what's legal in one place might not be in another.



Once parents know that birth tourism is a fast pathway to new residencies and citizenships for them and their children, they must keep dual citizenship in mind. You might want your kids to have two nationalities, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Here’s an example:

Let's consider a scenario where two Japanese parents want to have a child in Canada. This choice would provide the child access to a Canadian passport, known for its global strength and allowance of dual citizenship. On the other hand, Japan doesn't permit dual citizenship, so the child and parents would not be able to hold both Japanese and Canadian citizenship simultaneously.



It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, of course. Before having your kid in a country that offers birthright citizenship, you must do some research on the healthcare system and medical professionals. Also, make sure to plan the trip to make the process as smooth as possible. If planned correctly, your journey into parenthood can be comfortable and safe, with state-of-the-art medical facilities ensuring that you and your child receive the best care possible.


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Birth tourism in Belize is a peculiar way of establishing connections that span continents, strengthening your network

Birth tourism in Belize is a peculiar way of establishing connections that span continents, strengthening your network


Birth tourism isn't just about citizenship; it's about diving headfirst into a cultural adventure. As you await the arrival of your beloved child, you can explore bustling markets, food, and real estate and even get used to the local language



Now, let’s talk about connections. Imagine you’re sipping coffee with fellow parents, discussing the twists and turns of parenthood across borders. From schooling to lifestyle choices, you can engage in enriching conversations about the topics you care about the most. Birth tourism has a unique way of forging connections that span continents. The people you meet during this journey become a part of your extended global family. 


With the guidance of the Expat Money team, you will gain insights and shortcuts that will make this journey much smoother and faster

With the guidance of the Expat Money team, you will gain insights and shortcuts that will make this journey much smoother and faster


Bureaucracy is an unavoidable challenge. Paperwork, forms, deadlines, reservations, flights and much more loom like storm clouds. Navigating bureaucratic processes can be cumbersome. Birth tourism comes with its fair share of administrative hurdles, but with the right approach, you can tackle them. 

In this quest for a better life for your children, patience and meticulousness are your allies. Just as you've dealt with challenges before, this is one more obstacle that can be surmounted with a bit of guidance.



Dealing with all the bureaucracy necessary to obtain a passport for your child can be quite annoying, isn't it? Reading government websites, laws, regulations and planning everything is a task you can't take lightly. You can easily spend months doing all this without a guide. However, any significant journey requires professional assistance. 

Imagine a knowledgeable consultant who understands the ins and outs of birth tourism. Even though hiring a consultant might not seem necessary, the other alternative you have is to navigate this path on your own – perhaps the most time-consuming and draining option.

In contrast, a consultant can provide shortcuts, insights and peace of mind. You won’t need to read complex legal texts in a foreign language and have sleepless nights because you forgot some documents or didn’t fill in the right application forms. Seasoned consultants have tread this path before, and their expertise can turn a potentially stressful experience into a seamless journey.


From dual citizenship, immediate opportunities, cultural richness, birth tourism offers a woven tapestry of dreams and potential

From dual citizenship, immediate opportunities, cultural richness, birth tourism in Chile offers a woven tapestry of dreams and potential


In this journey of unlocking a world of possibilities through birth tourism, your aspirations take center stage. As you ponder the path ahead, remember that each step is a testament to your commitment to your family's future. Dual citizenship, immediate opportunities, cultural richness—birth tourism offers a tapestry woven with dreams and potential.

Yet, navigating this intricate journey can be complex. Here's where professional guidance shines, simplifying the complexities and streamlining your efforts. With consultants by your side, you can transform potential roadblocks into smooth paths. 

As an expat with over 20 years of overseas experience and having had one of my kids in Brazil, I know firsthand how to navigate the intricacies of birth tourism. If you plan to give your children this amazing gift of a life of increased freedom, contact me and I’ll help you out.


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