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Croatia Residence Investor Program

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Croatia Residence Investor Program

Croatia is a country in Southeastern Europe with a varied geographical environment. The scenery comprises mountains, plateaus, rivers, and islands. Life moves at a slower and more steady pace here, without the thrill seen in other European nations.

Croatia, which borders Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Hungary, has pleasant weather throughout the year. Summers are hot and sunny, attracting visitors from all over the globe to enjoy the beautiful pristine beaches. Winters in the mountains are very cold, with little snowfalls.

Croatia caters to people with a wide range of preferences. The country's capital, Zagreb, is a favourite destination for urban dwellers. With its shopping malls, taverns, theatres, and other comparable social spaces, Zagreb represents the worldwide character of cities. On the other hand, many Islands provide a unique beachy experience for those seeking a coastal lifestyle. Hvar, Makarska, Split, and Dubrovnik are popular tourist beach resorts.

Croatia is well-known for offering investing immigrants a pleasant lifestyle and investor-friendly policies. In addition to providing a good quality of life and significant economic development, Croatia has an appealing business potential.

The country is fairly typical in terms of investment as it offers financial stability and other substantial benefits like access to different product markets and a wide range of government perks and incentives. Tourism, the food industry, information technology, manufacturing, energy, engineering, textile, pharmaceuticals, medical, and agriculture prosper in Croatia, making it a popular choice for international investors looking to benefit from the Croatia residency investor program.


Croatia, Dubrovnik

Croatia, Dubrovnik


The Croatia residence investor program provides people with a residence permit in exchange for significant contributions to the country's economy. Foreigners who enroll in this program can benefit from tax exemptions on their various incomes.

According to the Business Promotion Act in Croatia, If you establish a company, the company may be eligible for a 50% or 100% income tax deduction for a five to ten-year period depending on the size of the company, the amount of investment, and the number of new jobs created. The minimal fixed asset investment for micro-enterprises is €50,000 ($52,473 USD), with three new jobs created, and €150,000 ($157,419 USD), with five new jobs created for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) and large enterprises.

In addition to tax breaks, if you participate in the residence investor program, you will also benefit from the country's economic stability, excellent living conditions, and the freedom to travel freely to the EU, Asia, and the United States.


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Solin city center Croatia

Solin city center, Croatia


The Croatia residence investor program does not impose a minimum investment amount for European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA) and non-EU/EEA nationals. The criteria are to demonstrate that you have enough money to maintain yourself in Croatia without relying on public aid. Another requirement is health insurance. All candidates must have health insurance. Other considerations to make while applying include the following:

  • You'll need a temporary residency permit at the onset.
  • A valid Certificate of Reporting a Temporary Stay is required. The certificate is valid for five years after it is approved.
  • Citizens outside the European Economic Area must have valid temporary work and stay permits. This is good for one year.
  • You may also bring your family with this program.
  • Croatian authorities verify your educational credentials and background.

It is important to highlight that non-EEA members seeking to participate in the Croatia Residence Investor Program must produce proof of ownership of at least 51% of a business in Croatia. It is a non-negotiable requirement for acceptance into the program.

After five years of continuous legal presence in Croatia, you may apply for permanent residency. The stay shall be deemed uninterrupted if the following conditions are met:

  • Your one-time absence doesn’t exceed six months over five years period
  • Your multiple absences don’t exceed ten months in five years.


Croatia, city of Rijeka

City of Rijeka, Croatia


You will require many documents to participate in the Croatian investor program. So it is best to apostille these to quicken the process:

  • Valid proof of identification.
  • Authentic travel documents.
  • Evidence of adequate financial resources for you and your family's maintenance in Croatia.
  • Proof of adequate health insurance.
  • Documentation of educational background and credentials
  • Proof of familial ties, marriage, or partnership with spouse or partner.
  • Proof of a relationship with dependents.

Some of the fees you can expect to pay during the process of this investor program:

  • Application fee for temporary work and stay permit - HRK 800 ($112.84 USD)
  • Biometric residence permit - HRK 240 ($33.50 USD)
  • Consular fee/ revenue stamp for work and stay permit application - HRK 20 ($2.81 USD)
  • An administrative fee for a permanent residence permit - HRK 900 ($126.95 USD)

You can contact us if you want to know more about the available investment programs and how to establish a business in Croatia.


Zagreb, capital of Croatia

Zagreb, capital of Croatia


You must meet specific requirements throughout your stay in the nation. To get Croatian citizenship, you must reside there for a minimum of eight years.

If you do not intend to establish a business in the nation, you may still get citizenship. Purchasing properties rather than setting up a company as a foreigner still ensures citizenship as long as other circumstances remain unchanged. Croatia's residence investor program includes all procedures, regulations, and requirements.

Several advantages come with citizenship by investment under the Croatia residence Investor Program. As a foreigner, obtaining citizenship in Croatia practically grants you dual citizenship, and you will have the same rights in the nation as you did in your home country.


primosten city croatia

Primosten city, croatia


Croatia is one of the most appealing destinations for international investment. Investing in Croatia is becoming more lucrative due to the residence Investor Program. Some advantages of a good business environment, such as that seen in Croatia, include an experienced workforce, government incentives, a favourable taxation structure, and the ability to reach various foreign markets. You should contact us if you need help obtaining a second residency.


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