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Best Things To Do And See In Colombia

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Best Things To Do And See In Colombia

Colombia is a place of contrasts. From vibrant cities to natural landscapes and a blend of tradition and modernity, Colombia has it all.

This South American country has become not only an emerging economy but also a welcoming place. These days, Colombia offers extraordinary beauty in its landscapes and people. 

It’s not accidental that many expats set their sights here to start a new chapter of their lives. But, in reality, what’s so exciting about Colombia? Fair question. So, in the paragraphs that follow, you’ll discover just that. 

We’ll unveil not just the typical attractions that every traveller loves but also the lesser-known wonders that add a touch of novelty to your adventure.

Fasten your seatbelt, parcero, and get ready to explore Colombia’s irresistible charm as we take you on a trip into its heart and soul.


Crystal river, Colombia - Its vibrant colours emerge between June and November, making it a temporary show. The dry season means average for this river, as its water is crystal clear, but the wet season turns it into a colourful miracle.

Crystal river, The Liquid Rainbow, Colombia




Let’s start with a burst of colours. Picture this: You’re standing at the edge of a very particular river, and you eye something that defies the ordinary. It’s not a dirty, polluted river full of plastics and trash, nor an idyllic, serene blue; it’s a mix of all primary colours. This river, often referred to as “The Liquid Rainbow,” is Caño Cristales. 

What’s the twist, though? These shades are not that spectacular all year long. Its vibrant colours emerge between June and November, making it a temporary show. The dry season means average for this river, as its water is crystal clear, but the wet season turns it into a colourful miracle.



This park is another gem of multiple on our list that’s probably not on your radar yet. It evokes a long-lost civilization characterized by distinct sculptures and a mysterious vibe. The statues blend in with the greenery seamlessly and impress those who dare to discover unparalleled mystique outside popular attractions. 



Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, and its natural wonders are a testament to it. If a colourful river isn’t enough, you will find the most diverse landscapes here. Now, we’re focusing on a desert far away from the widely known Sahara – the Tatacoa Desert. 

This arid land might not sound exciting, but you'll think otherwise just by looking at the photos. It presents clay terrains, forming canyons up to 20 meters deep. Far from being just barren land, the Tatacoa desert can turn into a maze and hiking spot that not everybody can navigate. In addition, as the night falls, the isolation of the desert becomes a sanctuary for stargazers, offering a unique experience.



Zipaquirá is not as well known as cities like Bogotá, Medellín or Cali, but it has something distinctive to offer. Upon going underground, you discover its biggest attraction – a cathedral totally sculpted from salt. It’s not only a place of worship but also a pilgrimage and proof of human resourcefulness. This cathedral serves as a reminder that the most unconventional attractions can be the most breathtaking.


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Colombia is known for its wonderful coffees and when they are planted above sea level, they absorb more flavor and nutrients from the soil, as we see in this coffee plantation

Colombia is known for its wonderful coffees and when they are planted above sea level, they absorb more flavor and nutrients from the soil, as we see in this coffee plantation


Trying local food in Colombia is a must. As an agricultural powerhouse and the second most biodiverse nation in the world, Colombia offers an ideal terrain from which to get the best ingredients. Coffee, meat, poultry, fish, eggs and rice are just a few of the raw materials that Colombia outputs. 



Now, let’s venture into the core of Colombian cuisine with a street food tour in Bogotá. Imagine yourself strolling through vibrant streets lined with food vendors, all of which are trying to get your attention by offering mouthwatering traits. The aroma of grilled meats and the popular baked arepas drifts through the atmosphere. Also, you’ll not want to miss a hot bowl of ajiaco, a classic soup made of corn, potatoes and chicken.



Colombia is well known for its coffee, and rightfully so. In this country, you can visit coffee farms surrounded by lush green hills, learn the art of coffee-making, from bean to brew, and savour the flavours of Colombian coffee in cities like Manizales and Pereira. It’s an experience that'll make you value each cup of joe even more. 



To top this culinary adventure off, we can venture deep into Leticia, a gateway not only to the Colombian Amazon but also to Brazil and Peru. Here, you can find exotic dishes and ingredients. For example, you can try fish cooked in banana leaves or indulge in exotic fruits you’ve never encountered before, like cupuaçu. 


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Cartagena panoramic view, Colombia

Cartagena panoramic view, Colombia




Colombia’s mainstream attractions are popular for a reason: they guarantee unforgettable experiences. This list starts with Cartagena, a coastal city known for its vibrant streets and nightlife. Also, it’s a place where you can travel back in time as every corner tells a story. 

You can walk down cobblestone streets, surrounded by colourful colonial buildings, or head towards the city walls, once a defense against pirates that now simply serve as a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. The charm of Cartagena de Indias is undeniable, and it’s an attraction loved by visitors from all walks of life.



The Lost City is a spot in the middle of the jungle for those up for an adventure that blends history and nature. Imagine hiking through dense jungles, crossing rivers and climbing ancient stone staircases. The reward of visiting this city is discovering an archaeological wonder hidden deep within the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s an experience that feels like both a workout and a look into the past. 



Let’s talk about Medellín, the “City of Eternal Spring.” As a major expat hub in Colombia, it’s a place where innovation intertwines with natural beauty. Despite its turbulent history, the city’s botanical gardens present a stark contrast to that obscure past. Medellín has a wide range of attractions and things to do, so it’s hard to be bored. 

To start, you can visit Comuna 13, a humble neighbourhood filled with colourful street art and hospitable people. Another place you can’t miss is the Pueblito Paisa, a representation of traditional villages from Antioquia, the department that Medellín belongs to. And, of course, since the city is located in a valley, make sure to use the cable car to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and have access to hilly areas. 


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Chiva Bus in Colombia

Chiva Bus in Colombia


Colombia is a land of extraordinary beauty, rich nature and culture, but what you read in this article is nothing but a fraction of what this country offers. We’ve unveiled the core of Colombia’s charm, from its natural wonders to its mystical sites and delicious cuisine. 

Also, Colombia's legacy attractions, such as Cartagena's streets, the marvels of Ciudad Perdida, and the innovative spirit of Medellín, promise more remarkable experiences. Throughout your Colombian journey, you'll find that the country's allure extends beyond its stunning landscapes, encompassing the warmth of its people and the richness of its stories.

So, whether you're a seasoned traveller or a first-time explorer, Colombia beckons you to embrace its irresistible charm. This is a land where every moment invites you to discover the extraordinary, one adventure at a time.


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