Available Visas For Digital Nomads In Australia

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Available Visas For Digital Nomads In Australia

Australia is one of the world's largest and most appealing nations, with varied fauna, beautiful beaches, and sophisticated urban capitals. The nation is appealing to both expats and visitors. The prospects for those who want to work in Australia are tenfold; with some of the highest wages and one of the world's healthiest economies - with a fantastic work/life balance, it's no surprise that the digital nomad community in Australia is expanding.



Australia does not have a specific program for digital nomads, and the country is yet to join the growing number of nations that provide digital nomad visas. However, depending on your purpose and duration of stay, you may pick from various visas available for remote workers.


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The Opera House could be one of your backgrounds while working remotely in Australia

The Opera House could be one of your backgrounds while working remotely in Australia


Many passport holders who live outside of Australia may apply for this visa. It enables you to go to Australia for both leisure and business needs. This visa allows you to enter the nation several times, but you may only remain for three months for every visit. There is no fee for ETA, except for a service charge when applying online.



eVisitor Visa Subclass 651, like an ETA visa, is valid for a 3-month stay within 12 months. You may use this visa to visit relatives or friends and do business. This visa allows for multiple entries for 12 months. Like an ETA visa, this visa cannot be extended and has no application or processing fees.



This visa is intended for persons who are ineligible for the other two alternatives. It enables you to visit Australia as a business visitor or tourist for three, six, or twelve months. Furthermore, it is divided into four categories: business, tourism, approved destination, and sponsored family. When submitting your applications, you are required to pay a fee.

However, you must also submit supporting documentation to support your visa application assertions. The following are some required documents:

  • A copy of your current passport or ID card.
  • Documents proving your financial stability.
  • One current passport-sized picture
  • Your schedule for your visit to Australia.
  • Invitation letter
  • Other documentation proving your status as a guest.


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You can enjoy Melbourne and other cities for at least 3 months with Australian visas

You can enjoy Melbourne and other cities for at least 3 months with Australian visas




Sydney is Australia's most populated city and one of the world's most popular digital nomad locations. The reasons are obvious: the large cosmopolitan metropolis has much to offer regarding work and recreational opportunities. You will get to work with the historic Opera House and Harbour Bridge as a background while also enjoying the city's magnificent scenery day and night. The sole disadvantage of living in Sydney is the high cost of living.



Melbourne is another popular option, having been named "the world's most liveable city" for the last seven years. Melbourne is Australia's second most populous city, and although it has a slower pace of life than busy Sydney, it will cost you almost the same in terms of money since living there can be expensive.



Perth may lack the glamour and glam of Melbourne and Sydney, but as Australia's largest expat population, it remains one of the best places to live for foreigners. It is trendy for individuals seeking a peaceful lifestyle since the city's west coast location provides Perth with a laidback and distant atmosphere.

Perth may be far from other Australian cities, yet it provides everything you could desire or need. The city is clean, green, and lovely, with beautiful beaches and natural surroundings. The climate is also lovely, with warm summers and moderate winters comparable to Sydney.

Furthermore, you won't lose out on Sydney or Melbourne's cultural attractions, gourmet culture, or athletic events since Perth has them all, although on a lesser scale. You will also avoid traffic congestion and delays.


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Perth is perfect if youre looking for a quiet place with lovely weather to live as a digital nomad

Perth is perfect if you're looking for a quiet place with lovely weather to live as a digital nomad



The Gold Coast has a reputation as a seedy party town, but there is much more to this city than the Surfers Paradise strip. The Gold Coast is located on Australia's east coast, about midway between Melbourne and Cairns.

Because of its position, it has a subtropical climate with warm and sunny weather all year and nearly no winters. The Gold Coast has a relaxed feel, partly because it is a collection of settlements rather than a large metropolis with a bustling core. Because of its active nightlife, beautiful sandy beaches, world-class attractions, and amusement parks, it is a popular tourist and backpacker destination.

Nonetheless, the Gold Coast has a large expat population, mainly from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, and Canada. Many are ex-backpackers who fell in love with the beautiful weather, laid-back attitudes, and leisurely pace of life and never left.



Adelaide is located in one of Australia's most renowned wine areas. It’s an immensely scenic city packed with beautiful beaches, fine-dining restaurants, coffee shops, and bar strips. Adelaide is calmer than Sydney and Melbourne, giving you a more resort-like experience. At the same time, you have plenty of coworking spaces and remote working hubs available.


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Gold Coast is a very famous place among surfers for having a sea suitable for surfing

Gold Coast is a very famous place among surfers for having a sea suitable for surfing


Brisbane is Queensland's largest city and capital. It has a population of 2.28 million people. Brisbane has virtually ideal year-round temperatures, and its closeness to all of Queensland's exceptional tourism makes it a popular city for expats and tourists. The city is reportedly less expensive than Melbourne and Sydney, which will be more favourable to you.



Australia's cost of living is not inexpensive. You may, however, live modestly by making wise financial decisions, developing excellent spending habits, and being conscious of currency exchange. While the cost of living varies across capital cities and rural locations, you should expect to spend between AU$3000-AU$4000 ($2071-$2761 USD) per month during your visit.


Australia has a growing population of digital nomads because of the benefits of living there

Australia has a growing population of digital nomads because of the benefits of living there


Living in Australia as a digital nomad comes with many benefits. In line with its laid-back vibe, it is an excellent area to establish yourself if you are a roaming digital nomad. The country has a wealth of natural wonders to offer. It also has flourishing urban cities. The advantage of being a digital nomad in Australia is that you can expect to find the required amenities and a reliable Internet connection even in the country's most remote areas. This has resulted in the fast growth of the nation's digital nomad population, and you will surely encounter like-minded remote workers in this lovely country.



Australia is an excellent destination for digital nomads. It has a lot to offer in terms of infrastructure, gastronomy, and culture. If you're considering being a digital nomad, Australia is an excellent location if you make enough money to meet the costs of the extravagant lifestyle there.


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