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Applying For A Digital Nomad Visa In Bermuda

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Applying For A Digital Nomad Visa In Bermuda

Bermuda is an amazingly beautiful country, with many beautiful beaches, beautiful Caribbean weather, clear skies, and crystalline waters, providing you with many different activities for tourism while there. To add a bonus, they have recently added a digital nomad visa to its many attractions. So now you can live a dream vacation lifestyle while working remotely.

A digital visa nomad in Bermuda has many benefits. One of the most attractive things is that it is a tax-free visa. If, by chance, while there you get sick, don’t worry about it too much, Bermuda has an excellent healthcare. I can’t forget to mention, forget slow connections, Bermuda has one of the best internet connections in the Caribbean.


Bermuda on a Map

Bermuda on a Map


Bermuda is one of the countries that provides visas for digital nomads. The digital nomad visa in Bermuda, known as the “Work from Bermuda Certificate,” was introduced in July 2020. The work from the Bermuda certificate is considered one of the best programs for you to work remotely.

The Bermudan digital nomad visa gives you 12 months to live and work remotely. It is ideal for working while living a dream vacation in the Caribbean. It can also be renewed depending on your situation, although you must submit a new application. If you wish to stay longer than 12 months, apply for their Residency Program. The program qualifies you for an Economic Investment Certificate (EIC) program. The certificate promotes and makes it possible for you to invest significant sums of money in Bermuda's economy.

The Economic Investment Certificate gives you and your family the chance to live and work on the island for five years, allowing you to see the potential returns on your investments. After that, you can apply for the Residential Certificate (RC), which grants you the right to live in Bermuda indefinitely.


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Southampton, Bermuda

Southampton, Bermuda


It's extremely easy to apply for a digital nomad visa in Bermuda; you can do it all online at the government's website. Completing the application just takes a few minutes. However, it's important to research and gather the appropriate documentation in advance and translate them into English.

The documents required to apply for a digital nomad visa for Bermuda are:

  • A passport with a six-month validity minimum.
  • A colour scan of your Entry visa (if applicable)
  • A valid health insurance report with coverage for Bermuda.
  • Evidence of enrollment at university (if you are a student)
  • Proof of Income. (No particular income percentage is required, you should have sufficient resources to support yourself and your dependents.) 

If you are also applying for your family members, the applications should be submitted separately for each member on the same day, along with a non-refundable application fee. The application fee is $263 USD per person. You will be notified via email within five business days if your application is approved. We can help you better your chances of approval for the Bermudan digital nomad visa.

Before visiting the country, you may need to apply for an entry visa if you are not from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the European Union. You can do this at any British Embassy or High Commission Office.


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Crystal Cave Bermuda

Crystal Cave, Bermuda


Outside of the standard you can expect from the Caribbean islands, these are some of the unique benefits of a Bermudan digital nomad visa.



You are not required to pay income or other taxes as a digital nomad in Bermuda under the “work from Bermuda certificate.” Additionally, each person will receive a $200 USD customs allowance per trip.



Excellent medical services are available in Bermuda. Private hospitals, medical professionals, and pharmacies can all be found on the island. The intensive care unit, the obstetric unit, the dialysis unit, and other specialty units are all located in Bermuda's King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.



Bermuda provides the fastest fibre service in the region, with three subsea cable lines linking it to the rest of the Caribbean. The island of Bermuda has 500Mbps of connection, facilitating and accelerating your work.


One of the many crystalline beaches you can explore in Bermuda

One of the many crystalline beaches you can explore in Bermuda


The island still has a tropical feel but also exudes professionalism and business-oriented customs. This may be a significant advantage if you don't want to be sucked into the island's party scene and want to strike a balance between working well and having fun.

Food-wise, a lot revolves around fish, including the codfish breakfast, fish chowder, Bermuda Fish cake, and the famous fish sandwich. Alternatively, you might sample the non-fish specialties like Hoppin' John or black rum cakes. You can explore the 400-year-old British colonial and maritime heritage.

You may find cozy spots to set up your workstation daily in Hamilton, the island's capital, which has excellent internet and co-working spaces. After a hard day of work, you'll have the pleasure of unwinding at beach clubs.  

There are several beaches in Bermuda where you may engage in a wide range of activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, diving, sunbathing, mingling, and exploring. To the southern side, exposed to the South Atlantic Ocean, is where you'll find the finest surfing waves and sand. The north shore, protected by a coral reef on the edge of the extinct volcano that gave rise to Bermuda, is more serene, which makes it perfect for swimming and relaxing in the water.

You won't run out of things to do in Bermuda throughout your 12-month stay. From discovering stunning beaches to rock climbing to viewing humpback whales. Bermuda has several places for adventure, including trails, golf courses by the sea, and many different activities. Go for a hike, bike, play golf, ride horses on the beach, watch a cricket game, and much more. When you want to unwind and relax, you may indulge in a treatment at one of the island's luxurious spas.


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Moongate in Bermuda

Moongate in Bermuda


Bermuda has always been shrouded in mystery and inexplicable stories surrounding its triangle. This is slowly becoming a thing of the past as tourism has increased and more people enjoy its beauty and benefits from magnificent beaches and laid-back environments that have helped it become a popular holiday resort.

The digital nomad visa in Bermuda will only increase tourism, and more people will get to know and love Bermuda and make it less mysterious but not less charming. While living in Bermuda, you will also have many things to do, including hiking, whale watching, sailing, and many other activities to keep you entertained and busy.



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