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8 Easiest Digital Nomad Visa Programs

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8 Easiest Digital Nomad Visa Programs

Digital Nomad Visa Programs have revolutionized the way professionals work and travel, providing a gateway to a lifestyle where the world becomes both an office and a playground.

Digital nomad visas have been rising recently as remote work has normalized and global economies are beginning to open up again. If you are a freelancer or employee based in countries like Canada or the United States, the world is your oyster if you can work remotely.

This article will provide an overview of some of the best digital nomad visas to consider based on the income requirements, the application process, application criteria, and the length of the visa and renewal process. Many options in the Caribbean, Europe, and South America meet all of these requirements. Asia also has lots of potential, although it may take more time for countries to launch digital nomad visas.


croatia, dubrovnick - For those eager to embark on this adventure, the first step is often choosing a destination that offers a Digital Nomad Visa Program. Many countries have recognized the value of attracting remote workers and have streamlined the process. The application typically requires submitting essential documents like proof of employment, income statements, and a clean background check.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

#8 Croatia

Croatia is one of the most intriguing digital nomad visa programs In Europe to consider, and it also has one of the easiest application processes. The income requirements are very low, there is a simple online application process, and you do not have to pay taxes during your first twelve months in Croatia.

Croatia has been in the spotlight recently among European countries, as its tourist arrivals and overnight stays in 2021 surpassed other top tourist destinations like Italy and Spain. Croatia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and other natural attractions like national parks and coastline cities.

Cost: $73 USD

Visa Length: 1 Year

Income Requirements: $2,658 USD/month or proof of sufficient savings

Extension: You can apply again but need to wait six months before doing so.

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Brasov, Romania - Once the paperwork is in order, the digital nomad lifestyle becomes a reality. Armed with a computer and phone, professionals can now work from virtually anywhere, whether it's a bustling city, a tranquil beach, or amidst breathtaking landscapes. The internet, the lifeline of the digital nomad, connects them to their company and clients, allowing them to stay productive and engaged.

Brasov, Romania

#7 Romania

Romania is likely one of the last countries one would think about if they are looking for a European destination. However, this country offers a stunning combination of natural beauty and history and is wide open for digital nomads. The Romanian coast is over 200 kilometres long (124 miles), and around half of this area is covered by seaside resorts. Romania has 98 art museums, 55 historical and archeological museums, and over 100 ethnography and anthropology museums. Other benefits of choosing Romania as a location include low cost of living and easy application requirements.

Cost: Minimal costs (not yet confirmed by the government)

Visa Length: 1 Year

Income Requirements: $4,170 USD/month

Extension: You can reapply for another 12 months


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Kefalonia, Greece - Bank account details are crucial for managing finances while on the move. Digital nomad visa programs often require applicants to have a stable income source, and having a local bank account facilitates seamless financial transactions in the host country.

Kefalonia, Greece

#6 Greece

Greece is one of Europe’s best tourist destinations, and the country is making a comeback by allowing digital nomads to spend years living and working in Greece. Tourist numbers are returning to pre-pandemic levels, and digital nomads can now spend years living in the country. The digital nomad visa application is very straightforward and only requires a monthly minimum income of €3,500 ($3,673 USD). Other benefits of applying for this program in Greece include the low cost of living and the ability to stay in Greece long-term. This digital nomad visa is relatively unique, as digital nomads can extend the visa for three years.

Cost: $80 USD

Visa Length: 1 Year

Income Requirements: $3,673 USD/month

Extension: You can extend this visa in one more year.

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Grand Anse Bay, Grenada - The approval process for these visas varies, but the common thread is the acknowledgment of the positive impact that digital nomads can have on the local economy. Once approved, professionals are free to explore new cultures, cuisines, and experiences, all while maintaining a steady workflow.

Grand Anse Bay, Grenada

#5 Grenada

Grenada is a popular Caribbean destination that recently began welcoming digital nomads in 2021. Unlike other Caribbean digital nomad visa programs, the minimum income requirements are low. Digital nomads only need to prove that they have an annual salary of $37,000 USD. While the application process is easy and has few requirements, it is important to plan in advance. There is no online application option for this program, so you must mail your application to the Grenada Embassy.

Cost: $1,500/person and $2,000 for a family (four people)

Visa Length: 1 Year

Income Requirements: $37,000 USD/year

Extension: You can renew this visa for another year

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Promenade at marina of Bridgetown, Barbados - The beauty of these programs lies in their flexibility. Digital nomads can work anytime and from anywhere, breaking free from the traditional 9-to-5 structure. This newfound freedom allows them to design a lifestyle that aligns with their preferences, whether it's exploring ancient ruins, hiking through lush forests, or sipping coffee in a vibrant urban setting.

Promenade at marina of Bridgetown, Barbados

#4 Barbados

The Barbados government introduced the 12-Month Barbados Welcome Stamp Program for digital nomads or remote workers who want to live in Barbados. To apply for this program, you must prove that you have an annual income of $50,000 and meet other program requirements. One benefit of this visa program is that you can bring family members. The visa application takes around seven days to process, and you can reapply for the program after the initial 12 months if you want to stay longer. The only downside to this DNV program, relative to others, is that the application fee is $2,000 or $3,000 for a family.

Cost: $2,000 USD/person and $3,000 USD for a family

Visa Length: 1 Year

Income Requirements: $50,000 USD/year

Extension: No extensions, but you can reapply and pay the application fee again


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Colorful Waterfront on Dominica - The digital nomad lifestyle is not just about work; it's about creating a harmonious balance between professional commitments and personal fulfillment. The computer and phone become tools for exploration and connection, enabling professionals to be productive while soaking in the richness of diverse cultures.

Colourful Waterfront on Dominica

#3 Dominica

The Dominica digital nomad visa is another excellent option for digital nomads on a budget and looking for a program in the Caribbean. Dominica is one of the cheapest places to live in the Caribbean, as the average salary in the country is only around $500 USD per month. The application process is also easy; you can apply online and hear back within seven working days. The application fee is slightly cheaper than some Caribbean DNV and it costs around $800 USD. Looking into Dominica's CBI program is worthwhile if you want to stay longer and are interested in citizenship.

Cost: $800 USD/person and $1,200 USD for a family.  There is a $100 USD refundable application fee too.

Visa Length: 18 months

Income Requirements: $50,000/year

Extension: No extensions are available, but you can reapply.


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Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil - In a world where borders can be crossed with a simple click, Digital Nomad Visa Programs offer a passport to a life where the office is not a place but a state of mind. It's a lifestyle that celebrates the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, and the opportunity to turn the world into a canvas for both professional and personal growth.

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil

#2 Brazil

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa is another stellar digital nomad visa to consider if you are interested in living in South America. Applicants who apply and are accepted will receive a 1-year residency permit and be eligible to apply for an extension for another year. The income requirements for this digital nomad visa are relatively low, as you only need to prove that you have $18,000 USD in savings or an income of $1,500 USD/month. If you want to apply, you must apply at a Brazilian consulate and wait for around 3-4 weeks to hear back.

Cost: It is not clear the cost of the application process

Visa Length: 12 months

Income Requirements: $1,500 USD/month

Extension: Can be extended for another year


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Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

#1 Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a popular destination for tourists and expats who want to retire in Costa Rica. However, a new program is available for digital nomads who want to stay long-term in Costa Rica. This digital nomad visa allows applicants to live in Costa Rica for up to 12 months. Applicants need to meet specific requirements, such as having health insurance and proving that they make $3,000 USD/month in income. If you do not have a regular income (i.e. consistently earning $3,000 or more), it may be more challenging to apply, and better to consider nearby countries like Brazil, Mexico, or Panama.

Cost: $100 USD

Visa Length: 1 Year

Income Requirements: $3,000 USD/month

Extension: Can reapply for one more year


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Other Noteworthy Mentions and Programs to Watch For

There are plenty of options outside the countries we covered that offer attractive digital nomad visas.

Europe: Estonia and Iceland are also interesting programs to consider if you have a relatively higher income. Furthermore, Germany and the Czech Republic offer digital nomad visas for freelancers, but the application is lengthier, and you have to demonstrate a specific interest in these countries.

Latin America: Mexico and Panama also offer digital nomad visas with reasonable income requirements. However, if you want to apply for the Panama program, you must send your application to an embassy or consulate.


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