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Montenegro’s Upcoming Digital Nomad Visa

Montenegro is a hidden gem in the Balkans that is about to open its doors to digital nomads who want to spend two years or more living in the country. Some savvy entrepreneurs are already aware of the potential of Montenegro and have established residency in the country by investing in real estate or starting a business. However, digital nomads will soon have some similar rights, including the right to live in Montenegro for 2-4 years and not have to pay income taxes.

Montenegro has all the natural attractions that European tourists could desire, including mountains, pristine beaches, and charming, low-cost cities. If you are looking for a digital nomad visa program in Europe that allows you to stay for two or more years, Montenegro will likely be one of the best options in the future.


Kotor Bay and Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor Bay and Kotor, Montenegro


Montenegro is one of Europe's most appealing, under-the-radar destinations, which many digital nomads overlook. Montenegro is a Balkans country located near Albania and Croatia, and this country may soon be a part of the European Union in the coming years. This country is located near the Adriatic Sea and the Dinaric Alps and has beautiful beaches, mountains, and a pleasant climate year-round. Montenegro is also a very business-friendly country with favourable tax laws, so this can be a great place to move if you think you may be interested in staying longer than the initial first year.

Low Cost of Living: One of the benefits of Montenegro is the low cost of living, as this country is even cheaper than Balkans countries like Croatia and other European countries. The minimum wage in Montenegro is only around 330 euros/month ($357 USD/month), which makes Montenegro much more affordable than most European countries. Digital nomads can easily find accommodation for less than $300 USD/month or rent an apartment in the $300-600 USD/month range.

Internet Speed: The average internet speed is around 59.47Mbps for fixed internet connections, which could be much faster. There are plenty of coworking spaces in Montenegro, primarily in the capital city of Podgorica. Since this internet speed is slower, it is best for digital nomads to live in major cities.

Business Environment: Montenegro is an ideal destination for digital nomads who plan to stay for two years in one country. Personal income taxes are at a low flat rate of 9%, which is lower than that of other European countries. Anyone who spends more than 183 days in Montenegro is considered a tax resident. However, the new digital nomad visa, as announced currently, will make digital nomads exempt from paying taxes during the first two years.


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Residing in Montenegro with your future Digital Nomad Visa allows you to enjoy the ancient walled city of Budva

Residing in Montenegro with your future Digital Nomad Visa allows you to enjoy the ancient walled city of Budva


Montenegro’s government has been inspired by regional peers who have launched digital nomad visas. It has decided to step it up by offering digital nomads a 2-year visa sometime in the future. Moreover, digital nomads may be able to extend this visa for another two years after this. Based on current laws, digital nomads would not have to pay taxes on their global income.

To be eligible for this program, you need to prove that you earn income outside of Montenegro and can support yourself by working remotely in Montenegro. You will also likely have to provide the following, based on requirements for similar visas:

  • Proof of income: You will need to provide proof of payment from your employer or clients. This can include bank statements, invoices, or other documents.
  • Health insurance: You will also need a health insurance policy covering you while in Montenegro.
  • Accommodation and flights: You must also submit a copy of your flight ticket and accommodation in Montenegro.
  • Other information: You must prove that you can perform your work remotely in Montenegro.

Based on current data, the application will be completely online, so you can apply for this visa while travelling and do not need to visit an embassy. The income requirements for this program are not set, but you can compare the minimum wage of Montenegro relative to other European countries to get an idea, like Germany and Spain, as most countries set the minimum income requirements for digital nomad visas at multiple countries’ minimum wage. You will need to provide information about your job or show information about your freelancing activities. There is also not currently any information about the application timeline or specific cost to apply, although the government did confirm the application would be online.


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Living in Montenegro can be cheaper than many others European countries

Inside Ancient Walled City of Kotor, Montenegro


The main benefit of this digital nomad visa is that you can potentially live in Montenegro for up to four years. Furthermore. Montenegro is very generous to foreign nationals who later decide they want to become permanent residents. Montenegro previously had a very generous CBI program, but this just stopped accepting applications at the end of 2022. However, digital nomads should continue to monitor developments in the coming years and take advantage of the generous digital nomad visa program that can allow them to live in the country in the long term. Moreover, there will likely be a lot of changes in Montenegro joining the European Union in the coming years. It is best to apply for this program as early as possible to secure your spot in Montenegro, as things could change after 2025.


Kotor, Montenegro

Perast, Montenegro


Montenegro may be one of the most appealing digital nomad visas in the future, as it will offer digital nomads the opportunity to spend 2-4 years in the country. This program should begin accepting applications sometime this year and continue accepting them through 2025 before it joins the European Union. If the cost of living is a significant factor in your decision process, it is helpful to note that Montenegro is cheaper than many European countries, including Croatia and other countries. Moreover, plenty of other factors make it worthwhile for you to consider Montenegro over other destinations.



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