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Diversify Your Investments with Expat Money’s Preferred Partner

Diversifying your investments is key to protecting your wealth

Having all of your eggs in one basket simply carries too much risk

While diversification helps with wealth protection, most traditional financial planners and advisors continue to recommend traditional assets like bonds, mutual funds, and stocks to their clients. 

In the past, these conventional assets were relatively safe; however, more and more, these intangible assets have become far too susceptible to market manipulation, resulting in poor gains, weak dividends, and, in some cases, even losses. This is all without getting into the true value of stocks being wildly inflated in many cases.. because, you know, the trillions of dollars created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve.

The volatile and unpredictable nature of these asset classes makes them less reliable for long-term wealth protection. Given that conventional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) often only include these types of investments, one's ability to truly diversify and protect one's hard-earned wealth effectively is rendered nearly impossible.


So, the Question Is… What Can You Do To Protect & Grow Your Wealth Effectively?

Before discussing the basics of Self-Directed IRAs (SDIRAs) and how they can help you with your retirement, it is important to understand IRAs. These financial tools help you boost your retirement savings, not in the form of savings accounts, but as investment vehicles with attractive tax benefits. With an IRA, you are basically setting money aside to secure a stable retirement.

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The Two Types of IRAs: Traditional & Roth

Traditional IRAs

Traditional IRAs offer tax-deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth, meaning you only pay taxes on earnings upon withdrawal in retirement. However, they require mandatory withdrawals starting at age 73, and you may incur penalties for early withdrawals before age 59½.

Roth IRAs

Roth IRAs are funded with after-tax dollars, so there’s no immediate tax deduction, but both growth and qualified withdrawals in retirement are tax-free. Roth IRAs have no mandatory withdrawals, allowing funds to grow tax-free for longer, and contributions can be withdrawn anytime without penalties.

Choosing between them depends on your current and future tax bracket, among other lifestyle factors, including your health, liquify and anticipated liquidity as you become more reliant on your assets to maintain your standard of living.

To keep it simple, traditional IRAs are ideal if you expect a lower tax bracket in retirement, while Roth IRAs are better if you anticipate a higher tax bracket.

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Taking Back Control With A Self-Directed IRA

A Self Directed IRA (SDIRA) is a type of retirement plan that allows you to invest in a wider range of assets, not limited to bonds, stocks, or mutual funds.

SDIRAs can be opened either as a Traditional or a Roth IRA, and this decision is made on an individual basis and is determined by your personal circumstances, including your age, liquidity, and future liquidity needs, to name a few. 

An SDIRA allows you to invest in real estate, cryptocurrencies, foreign stocks, private equity, and even precious metals. The most important aspect of SDIRAs is their versatility.

You are not confined by low-performing assets like stocks and bonds but can tap into potentially more lucrative opportunities like real estate or gold, which hold inherent value and are a time-tested hedge against inflation and currency fluctuation… or worse.

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Unlock New Investment Opportunities

Changing your strategy to include investments beyond traditional assets can dramatically expand your horizons, both from a return-on-investment and diversification perspective. With our preferred partner, you can diversify into a range of options, including real estate, private entities, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and more, in addition to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds – all in one account.

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Private Entities

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Precious Metals

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Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

How to Set Up an SDIRA

With our preferred partner, the path toward setting up an SDIRA is quick and straightforward. Setting up an SDIRA with our partner is as easy as it gets and can be broken down into 2 steps.

It really is that simple. In no time at all, you could have access to asset classes that you otherwise would have to access on a one-to-one basis, which makes things unnecessarily time-consuming and complex.
Plus, when you work with a reputable custodian, like our preferred partner, you will only be presented with investment opportunities that are thoroughly vetted and can be trusted.

Opening and Funding Your New Account:

Complete the necessary paperwork to open your SDIRA. You can even fund your new account by transferring or rolling over your assets from an existing IRA or by making new contributions.

Select Your Preferred Investments:

Once your account is set up and funded, you can select and direct your investments on your own OR with the guidance of your investment agent.

Hedge Against Domestic Risks

Just like gold is a hedge against inflation, diversification across jurisdictions is a hedge against domestic risks. Your home country might face economic collapses, political instability, and regulatory changes that affect your assets. However, your portfolio can be well-guarded if a fraction of your assets are outside your country’s borders, preferably in a tax—and investment-friendly jurisdiction.

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Our Preferred Partner's Industry Leading Offering

Our preferred partner offers the size, expertise, and technology to meet your needs. With over 400 associates focused on processing more than 2 million transactions each year, they work diligently to enhance your experience as a client while providing you with the largest range of investible asset classes. 

Our preferred partner has been recognized as the Best Overall Self-Directed IRA Company from 2020-2024 by Investopedia. A self-directed IRA account with them opens the door to nearly limitless investment opportunities.

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