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The Expat Life Masterclass Series

by Mikkel Thorup

Are you contemplating a move abroad but feel overwhelmed by the unknowns? Or perhaps you're already living overseas but facing challenges you didn't anticipate?

Whether you’re already living abroad or are planning to be soon, this Masterclass will bring you the insights and tools to effectively tackle key tasks like finding the right doctor, securing the right travel insurance, building lasting friendships, integrating into communities, getting your children into schools and safely moving through areas of the world that people like us have been told to avoid.

Plus much much more. Embark on a transformative journey towards a successful and enriching life as a global citizen with the Expat Life Masterclass Series.

Meet Your Expert Guide: Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup, a seasoned expatriate with decades of experience living and working across the globe, has distilled his vast knowledge and insights into this transformative series. Mikkel understands the complexities and nuances of expat life firsthand. From navigating the maze of international healthcare to building a fulfilling social life in a foreign culture, Mikkel has faced and overcome these challenges personally. Now, he's here to share his wisdom and strategies to help you thrive in your expat journey.

Traditionally, Mikkel is sought after for his expertise in guiding individuals through the most complex aspects of expat living, including strategic planning, wealth protection, acquiring a second passport, and offshore investments. However, beyond these foundational elements, the day-to-day aspects of life as an expat play a crucial role in shaping the overall experience. In this exclusive Masterclass, drawing on his extensive 20+ years of global living, Mikkel delves into the often underestimated yet equally vital aspects of expat life. Mikkel Thorup’s Expat Life Masterclass Series is your passport to a successful and fulfilling life as a global citizen.

Inside the Expat Life Masterclass Series

This series is not just another set of lectures; it's a comprehensive roadmap to success, designed to take you by the hand and guide you through every aspect of living abroad.

Each session is carefully curated to equip you with practical knowledge and insights, providing a holistic approach to the intricacies of expat life. Whether you’re venturing into the world of money management, exploring the nuances of healthcare, or seeking guidance on cultural integration, this series is your go-to resource for a fulfilling and well-rounded expat experience.


Over 7 Hours of Exclusive Video Content

You will be taken on an important 7 - episode journey into the intricacies of expat life. This series delves into subjects that are not just informative but essential for navigating the nuances of your day-to-day life as an expatriate.

Dive deep into meticulously crafted video sessions, where Mikkel Thorup covers the A to Z of expat life. Each session is packed with actionable insights, real-world advice, and the kind of details only someone with Mikkel's experience could provide.


Comprehensive Resources for Success

In addition to the video content, we have included additional materials that will complement & enhance your learning experience

We have created printable workbooks that you use while taking the course so you can capture the information you need and refer to it while you’re putting your plans into action.


photo_2024-04-02_19-12-15 (3)

Whether you are someone who prefers to read or to listen, we have included the entire course in both written & audio-only formats so you can take the course with you on the go and learn in the manor that suits you best.


Alleviate your pre-departure worries and become familiar to your new destination with ease when you refer to the checklists we have created. From packing, to arriving to travel hacks and tips, these checklists have you covered.


photo_2024-04-02_19-12-15 (2)

Safeguard yourself abroad; these wallet-sized cards were created especially for those of us who recognize the importance of having key emergency services + embassy contact information with them at all times while exploring foreign lands. 

Exclusive Bonuses


After creating the initial course content, we decided to add two bonus modules to make this course even more comprehensive, giving you even for actionable insights for your expat journey. Bonus course modules include “Taking a Year Off to Explore” and “How to Earn a Living Overseas”.


Delve into these reports for deeper insights into critical aspects of expat life, providing you with a competitive edge in your overseas adventure. These special reports are typically reserved for members of “The Hub”, however, for your benefit, we have included the relevant special reports to you free of charge.

Your Journey Through the Expat Life Masterclass Series

MODULE #1 – Mastering Foreign Medical Systems

Discover how to navigate healthcare abroad, from choosing the right insurance to finding trustworthy doctors so you can stay healthy and optimized. Master the nuances of travel, health, and life insurance, gain insights into the benefits of local healthcare versus self-insuring and even learn how to secure the services from the top medical professionals abroad. Plus, gain valuable insights into staying healthy through diet and exercise so you can adapt quickly to your new environment and make the most of your life in your new home.

  • Insurance
  • Travel, Health, Life
  • Local Healthcare
  • Self-Insuring
  • Doctors
  • Telemedicinea and more
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MODULE #2 – Managing Finances + Leveraging Benefits Like a Pro

The intricacies of managing your finances as an expatriate can be complex. We simply it. This module covers everything from navigating the accumulation and use of credit cards, points + frequent flyer miles, to understanding the dynamics of banking and cash management in a foreign country. Learn about the challenges and opportunities of dealing with currency transfers and understand how to stay ahead of the curve by utilizing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin so you can keep up your financial advantage while living abroad.

  • Credit Cards
  • Points & Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Banks
  • Currency Transfer
  • Crypto & Bitcoin
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MODULE #3 - How To Make Friends Overseas

Explore how to cultivate meaningful relationships, integrate into new cultures, and ensure your family thrives in a new country. Building and maintaining relationships is crucial to your expat experience. From making new friends, finding romance, and integrating into new cultures with ease, this module will aid you towards effectively doing so. Ensure your family can adapt and thrive with practical and actionable strategies for connecting with communities through hobbies and events and learning languages so you and yours can forge deeper, lasting connections.

  • Friends
  • Romance
  • Culture & Events
  • Kids
  • Hobbies


MODULE #4 – How To Pack Up The House

Transitioning to a life abroad comes with its own set of challenges and logistics. This module provides practical advice on clearing out your house, packing efficiently, handling pets, and the emotional aspects of saying goodbye. Learn how to set up your new home abroad, from leveraging Amazon and freight forwarding services to navigating the local shopping scene for a smooth setup process.

  • Clearing Out The House
  • Packing
  • Pets
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Amazon & Freight Forwarding
  • Shopping & Getting Set Up


MODULE #5 – How To Stay Safe While Moving To A New Country

Ensuring your safety in an unfamiliar territory is paramount. This module covers essential safety tips, from understanding local statistics and adopting self-defense techniques to ensuring food safety and navigating border crossings. Special attention is given to the unique safety considerations for single females and where to find reliable safety information.

  • Techniques
  • Statistics
  • Self-Defense & Firearms
  • Areas and Locations
  • Safety for Single Females
  • Where to Get Information


BONUS MODULE #6 How To Earn A Living Overseas

Dive into the possibilities of earning a living abroad, whether through remote work, entrepreneurship, or investing in real estate. This module explores the different ways you can sustain yourself financially abroad. Discover the realities of earning a living overseas, including navigating local employment markets, understanding retirement savings and investments abroad, and adjusting to the lower cost of living to maximize your financial well-being.

  • Remote Work
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelance Work
  • Digital Nomad
  • Local Work
  • Retirement Savings and much more

BONUS MODULE #7 How To Taking A Year Off To Explore

Dreaming of taking a year off? Whether you're contemplating taking a sabbatical to travel the world, or maybe taking a gap year before beginning your post-secondary studies, this module was made for you. From understanding the legalities of long-term travel, budgeting, to managing your tax obligations and even setting up a virtual mailbox, we provide the tools and knowledge you need to embark on your year-long exploration with the confidence to know you won’t be creating problems that will follow you for the long-term.

  • Funding your Travels
  • Planning your Trip
  • What to Pack
  • Where to Go
  • How Long to Go For
  • Budget

The Pathway to a Better
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Why Choose the Expat Life Masterclass Series?
Mikkel Thorup brings years of firsthand expat experience to this series, ensuring you receive not just information, but wisdom that comes from real-life successes and challenges. Whether you're a seasoned expat or just considering making the move, this series is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools for a successful and fulfilling expat life.

Why the Expat Life Masterclass Series Is Different?
This series goes beyond generic advice, offering practical strategies and personal insights gained from years of real-world experience. Mikkel Thorup doesn't just teach you how to survive as an expat; he teaches you how to thrive, build a fulfilling life, and make the most of your international adventures.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Expat Experience?
The Expat Life Masterclass Series is more than just a course; it's your passport to a successful and enriching life abroad. With Mikkel Thorup as your guide, you're not just preparing for expat life; you're setting the stage for an incredible journey of growth, discovery, and unparalleled lasting success.

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