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Expat Insurance

Tailored for Nomads, Adventurers & Global Citizens 

Introducing your new go-to partner for reliable, comprehensive travel insurance that understands the unique needs of nomads, adventurers, and global citizens like yourself

Finding a reputable insurance service that offers international coverage and instant assistance shouldn’t be complicated. Look no further. As Global Citizens like us, our travel insurance partners understand the complex needs of people like you and I




As someone who has travelled to over 100 countries and circumnavigated the globe over four hundred times, I know better than most about the unplanned issues that can arise. Whether it's getting ill in Mexico, losing your luggage in Thailand, travelling with comprehensive health insurance is not just the smart move, it's the only move”


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Coverage plans are designed by travellers who really get your unique needs

Robust Coverage to
Reduce Uncertainty

Single Trip Coverage: World Explorer

This plan is specifically tailored for individuals or families embarking on single trips that last anywhere from 7 to 364 days. Whether you're planning a vacation, going on a work-related trip, or setting out on a personal adventure, the World Explorer single-trip coverage ensures that your medical needs are taken care of. This comprehensive travel medical insurance is designed to provide peace of mind, allowing travellers to focus on the experiences ahead without worrying about the unforeseen.

Trip Protection Insurance: World Explorer Guardian

The World Explorer Guardian is an essential option for those seeking robust trip protection insurance. This plan is particularly suited for US residents and offers a comprehensive package that includes trip cancellation benefits, medical coverage, and evacuation services. It's an ideal choice for travellers who want an extra layer of security, ensuring that they are covered for a range of potential issues that might arise before or during their trip. This policy is a safeguard against unexpected events, ensuring that your investment, as well as your safety when travelling, is protected.

Multi-Trip Coverage: World Explorer Multi

For the frequent traveller, the World Explorer Multi is a perfect solution. Designed for those who find themselves travelling multiple times throughout the year, this plan is ideal for people who take short trips and return home between their adventures. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure continuous coverage without the need to purchase a new policy for each trip. This continuous coverage is ideal for business travellers, globe-trotters, and anyone who regularly finds themselves on the go.

Hotspot Insurance: World Explorer Hotspot

The World Explorer Hotspot insurance is a unique offering in the realm of travel insurance, providing coverage specifically tailored for travellers visiting areas of conflict, warzones, or hotspots. This includes regions like Afghanistan, Israel, Sudan, and Ukraine. Understanding the heightened risks in these areas, this policy is designed to offer specialized coverage that addresses the specific needs and challenges one might encounter in such locations. It's an essential option for journalists, aid workers, or adventurous travellers who are heading into more volatile parts of the world.

Premier Membership Benefits - Smart Travel Tool

Receive a 12-month INC membership that provides in-app benefits, including mental health support, cyber risk protection, and global perks such as airport lounge access. The INC app is your companion for a stress-free and secure travel experience when you choose our partners as your travel insurance partner.

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