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PANAMA, MARCH 14th - 16th, 2025



Join us in Panama to celebrate Mikkel Thorup's 42nd birthday. Every year, subscribers, clients, and friends from the Expat Money Community fly from around the world to celebrate and party together in Panama. It's a chance to meet other like-minded individuals, learn and see new things, and have a some serious fun.

This year, we will be headed back to the beach for our celebration; there will be loads of activities, food, drinks, dancing and more. This is an excellent opportunity to see a bit of Panama and get to know others from our community. We would love for you to join us!



We will have a pickup in Panama City and drive everyone about 90 minutes out to a private beach. There is an option to stay overnight in a condo (by request) or get transport back the same night. We will have activities, pig roast, an open bar, networking, live music, dancing, and an opportunity to meet some other incredible and like-minded people from our community.

Mikkel giving a speach
Mikkel Thorup talking with friends
Mikkel and wife celebrating birthday party

Here Are The Details:

  • Date: March 15th, 2025
  • Time: Pickup is at 10 am, and we will return to Panama that night or the next morning if opting to stay overnight (additional charge)
  • Cost: $97 USD, but FREE for Private Clients and Hub Members (clients will be emailed a coupon code and must still register here)

Why am I charging anything this year for the event? Another year, we had some gate-crashers at our event who were not even subscribers or part of our community and only came for the free open bar. To discourage this, we are being a lot more protective and put a paywall up for non-clients. Hope you understand.

Please note that we have a maximum amount of attendees that can attend as there is only so much room. If you are interested in joining us, please purchase your ticket ASAP.

Mikkel Thorup celebrating with friends

Friends and clients having fun at Mikkels birthday

Your Ticket Will Include The Following:

  • Transportation to and from Panama City to the private beach location (roughly 90 minutes in both directions)
  • Dinner
  • All drinks, both alcholic and non-alcholic
  • Activities on the beach, including activities for the kids

Check out last year’s celebration below. We had subscribers fly in from all over the world, and it was an amazing event!

Last Year's Celebration

41st Birthday Party

In 2024, we organized a grand celebration here in Panama City, not just to mark my birthday, but also to consolidate and expand the Expat Money Community.

We welcomed countless people from all over the globe, making the event a resounding success. I hope to have your presence at the 2025 birthday celebration!


40th Birthday Party

The last year party we capped off an incredible week of conferences in Panama with an epic night of food, drinks, dancing, and fireworks celebrating my 40th birthday.

It was a truly incredible experience to spend quality time with friends and clients in a truly stunning place.

Enjoy this recap video and I hope to see you in 2025!

39th Birthday Party

In 2022 we held a huge party here in Panama City to celebrate my birthday, but more than that, to build and strengthen the Expat Money Community.

We had so many people come in from all over the world to attend the party and it was a huge success, I hope to see you at 2025 birthday!


Q. What is the dress code?

A. WHITE!! Wear something white for this party! White dress, white shirts, white pants!


Q. I would like to bring a birthday gift for Mikkel; what should I bring him?

A. Mikkel loves to read and would really appreciate a book that you have either enjoyed reading yourself or a book you think he will love to read. He loves books on History, Biographies, Economics, Geopolitics, Business, and Management & Leadership. Basically, anything except fiction.

Caveat: Write on the inside cover something about yourself, a quick note of where you are from, your name, and maybe a quick happy 41st birthday so that Mikkel always remembers who gave it to him and when.


Q. Where is the party to be held?

A. We will only be giving out the location to those who are registered, but we can say it is “near” Coronado, just over a 90-minute drive from Panama City (Pacific Ocean).


Q. If I can not attend, will there be a refund for my ticket?

A. Yes, there will be a 100% refund if you cancel your ticket (or accommodation stay) at least 30 days before the event starts. If you cancel in less than 30 days, there will not be any refund.


Q. Will there be vegetarian options available for food?

A. Yes


Q. Will there be non-pork dinner options?

A. Yes


Q. Can I take my own vehicle?

A. Yes, if you live in Panama, we will give you the location, and you can take your own vehicle. However, I would prefer people to take the transport because I don’t want any drinking and driving.


Q. Can I stay overnight in the area?

A. Yes, please send an email to AFTER you have purchased your ticket and paid for your accommodation for more details. We are securing accommodation on-site for everyone interested in spending the night.


Q. Are kids welcome?

A. Yes, 100%, we are very family-friendly.


Q. I am 70+ years old; will I be welcome at the event?

A. Of course! Our community spans all ages, and you will be very welcome. There are lots of people from this generation at our events.


Q. Have you done these types of events before?

A. Yes, we do loads of events every year at Expat Money, and it is completely normal for people to get on an airplane and fly to a new country to attend one of our events. There will be loads of people in a similar situation to you.


Q. Where are people coming from for the party?

A. We already have people confirmed to be flying in from Portugal, Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and more!


Q. Can someone help me organize my trip?

A. Yes, after you have purchased a ticket, please send an email to, and my staff will assist you.




Please make sure you select the correct number of tickets based on the size of your party. Additional information will be emailed to you after you secure your ticket.

Hope to see you at the Birthday Bash on March 9th, 2024!

Join Our Birthday Waitlist


Come celebrate my 41th birthday and an opportunity to meet some other incredible and like-minded people from our community.

Get your ticket at the button below and come to the party!



Mikkel celebrating

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