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5 benefits of joining a business center

Launching a business requires strategic planning in order to build a strong foundation to support and help a growing venture. There are several key steps and practices that can help control the financial spending. There are five methods that business centers use to help entrepreneurs control their financial spending.


Space and furnishing

Having a physical office in order to establish a business is essential in the UAE. However, the cost of renting or buying an office can exceed estimated budgets. A reputable business center is ready for businesses to plug and play  – eliminating the initial fit-out and running costs of setting up an office. As an added value, myOffice provides high class and fully fitted offices, meeting rooms, communal kitchens and executive business lounges at all their centers relieving clients from the hassle of setting up an office professionally.


Startup capital

Controlling external costs during the launch and early growth stages of any business is crucial. When renting an office in a business center, all of these external expenses are automatically reduced through communal sharing and with different bundle packages. myOffice helps entrepreneurs turn high variable costs into lower fixed costs. These packages include DEWA bills (maintenance, water and electricity), wifi, telephone lines, printing and meeting room access. These help entrepreneurs save time and money, allowing them to focus on their core business functions.


First impression

First impressions are last impressions. Impressing potential clients and leads is important for all businesses. Leaving a good first impression on your clients can be key in building your business. From the point they meet your reception staff through to the basic hospitable etiquettes can determine potential clients becoming confirmed revenue generating projects. Hiring a professional receptionist and buying high-end furnishings for hosting meetings can be costly. myOffice has experienced international reception staff who have great skill in building guest confidence, welcoming guests with great hospitality and professionalism. In addition, myOffice provides high-level corporate lounges with iconic landmark views. This sets a professional ambiance that enhances your business image.


Legalizing your business

Many businesses fail to launch properly due to lack of knowledge of the UAE licensing procedures, especially if they are given wrong advice by PROs who are not correctly trained. The advantage of starting your business with myOffice ensures that you will get one-on-one guidance and a step-by-step approach to setting up your business legally and a guarantee that all protocols are met. The myOffice startup team is able to launch your venture within a week. This can help cut back on your setup time in comparison to setting up your business independently.


Building a strong business community

In order to save time and effort in business development for your startup, having an office in a business center can help you network with your neighboring offices helping you to discover new business leads and opportunities. myOffice holds regular Partner Alliance Business Networking Events for clients to help connect them to other businesses and establishments. Not only does myOffice help in your complete setup and logistics, but also provides an innovative environment to help connect and promote your business.

Get in touch with the myOffice center nearest to you. It’s located in Dubai Marina, Business Bay, and Downtown Dubai. For more information, check out myOffice’s website at

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