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4 Ways Horse-Assisted Coaching Can Take Your Life To The Next Level

While dogs are traditionally man’s best friends, horses are pretty high up on that list too. Ancient Greeks famously used horses for therapeutic aid, combating a blend of physical and mental issues like gout and low morale. But you don’t have to read up on the ancient Greeks to learn more about this, just try a Discovery Session with Caballus Consulting. Take a break from the bustling city, the skyscrapers, and zooming taxis and let nature, the desert, and the horses be your host!


Horse-assisted coaching can help you realize your dream career

If you literally have to drag yourself out of bed and into the office every day, you’re probably in the wrong career. None of us spring out of bed, click our heels, and rush off to work like we’re headed to the amusement park. But somewhere between that first cheese bagel and second cup of coffee, our mood perks right up. Horse-assisted coaching helps you explore your aspirations in a judgment-free environment, and can help you push the restart button on your career.


Horse-assisted coaching can help you communicate better with your partner

Communication is the key to maintaining good relationships. A significant amount of stress, arguments, and confusion can be caused by a poorly executed conversation. Horses can’t string a sentence together like humans can, but they’re excellent communicators. Walk into a stable feeling tense and a horse will be able to interpret your body language and tell what’s on your mind. If you believe you’re saying all the right things in your relationship but are still sending the wrong message, saddle up for some horse-fueled help. Equine-assisted coaching will help you learn the significance of body language, and how to speak your mind in a transparent way.


Horse-assisted coaching can help you cope with ADD or ADHD

Pia, the founder of Caballus Consulting, is an ICF Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC, PCC), and Equine Alchemy Certified Equine Assisted Coach. She works alongside Lola – a 15 year old Arabian mare. They join forces and help clients through challenging emotional and psychological issues. Pia has personal experience with ADD and ADHD, having raised two sons with the condition and being married to her husband with adult ADD and ADHD for three decades. Caballus Consulting’s equine-assisted coaching helps individuals with ADD and ADHD be the best versions of themselves.


Horse-assisted coaching can help you deal with all your emotions

For something that doesn’t have a physical form, emotions are pretty powerful. Every single day, we experience 17 different emotions across a wide spectrum. Emotions can be tricky sometimes, but we rely on them to help us function socially. Many adults have been conditioned to bottle up and avoid their emotions, and suffer the consequences. This can impact your mental health, and can even take a toll on your physical wellness. Horse-assisted coaching helps pull out the cork plugged into your bottle of emotions, and helps you learn how to regulate them. The horses respond quickly to your intent, behaviors, and incongruence and feed them back to you – like a mirror – in an honest, non-judgmental manner.

For more information on horse-assisted coaching in Dubai, head over to Caballus Consulting’s website.

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  1. Sam Whitcombe at

    Highly recommend Caballus Coaching!

    Through the Equine Facilitated Learning workshop, Pia and her horses were able to highlight my strengths and weaknesses which I found invaluable for my professional and personal life! Sam

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