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4 ways horse-assisted coaching can help you have better conversations at home

Whether it’s asking your child to pass the salt at the dinner table or having an intimate conversation with your partner, here’s how horse-assisted coaching can spruce up your conversation game. This will not only benefit you at home but will enhance communication with your colleagues and friends too! Plus, you’ll make a four-legged friend along the way.


Horse-assisted coaching makes you aware of your energy

Horses are supremely sensitive creatures that are finely tuned into your energy. Walk up to a horse feeling tense and you’ll find your energy reflected directly back at you. Horses reflect your behavior and attitude back to you like a mirror, and can help you discover the kind of energy you bring to any interaction. Based on your finds, you can tailor your energy and improve the impressions you make in a conversation. In a relationship, even when confronted by an unpleasant conversation, it’s important to keep an open mind. The air you give off could determine the outcome of a conversation with your spouse or children. Horse-assisted coaching can help you patiently and positively navigate a conversation.


Horse-assisted coaching helps you improve your body language

While the communication barrier with a horse can seem like a struggle at first, it’s a brilliant exercise in developing your non-verbal communication skills. Since we primarily rely on spoken language, we often forget the subliminal impact our stance and physical actions have on a conversation. Something as simple as pointing your feet away from your partner could hint at disinterest in the conversation. Horse-assisted coaching can help you overcome body language obstacles, while also assisting with managing your posture and facial expressions.


Horse-assisted coaching makes you open to new things

Spending quality time with a horse without riding it? It may sound odd at first, but clients of Pia (founder of Caballus Consulting) have nothing but brilliant reviews of their experience out in the field with her. With the help of her Arabian mare Lola, the duo welcome people from all walks of life into their judgement-free zone and help them through a variety of issues. From struggles with workplace confidence to relationship hiccups, Pia and Lola guide their clients through personal hurdles to discover their inner selves. Horse-assisted coaching reignites your self-esteem, equipping you with a gentler approach to life and the people in it. While you may have been trapped in a rut before, you’ll now discover a new-found bravery and passion for tackling tricky situations. You’ll walk out of a session feeling more confident in yourself and your capabilities.


Horse-assisted coaching boosts your collaboration skills

Joining forces with a horse helps you develop a wealth of collaboration skills. Without spoken language on your side, you’ll have to depend on body language to interact with your horse. From this, you’ll foster vital qualities for a strong relationship: patience and a willingness to work together towards a common goal. Horse-assisted coaching makes you more aware of your horse’s needs. Similarly, in a relationship, it’s important to recognize and value your partner’s needs and analyze the situation from their perspective. Horses are herd animals – they naturally possess an ability to work together as a team. These vital lessons are imparted to you in a session of horse-assisted coaching. You and your partner will evolve from a couple into an invincible team.

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