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4 ways horse-assisted coaching can help with ADHD

While ADHD is a condition that’s characterized by inattentiveness and restlessness, The School Child With ADHD suggests that children with ADHD tend to focus better when engaged in an activity they find enjoyable and interesting. Horse-assisted coaching has proven beneficial for children with ADHD, as horses are renowned for being emotionally responsive animals.

Pia, a certified horse-assisted coach, has a wealth of experience with clients dealing with both ADD and ADHD. At Caballus Consulting, she creates a safe space where clients can express themselves freely without worrying about being judged. Joining forces with her 15-year-old Arabian mare, Lola, Pia helps clients realize their inner creativity and pursue an authentic life.


Horse-assisted coaching can help you channel your energy

Horses are non-judgmental and reflect what they see. While ADHD clients may struggle to observe their actions, interacting with a horse helps them to essentially look at themselves in a mirror. When every action is greeted with instant response, clients channel their energy into figuring out what their next move is going to be and what response this may evoke from the horse. Interacting with horses can also lead to dopamine release, through way of active movement. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that significantly contributes to reward-motivated behavior.


Horse-assisted coaching can help you tap into a state of serenity

Horses react to energy and have been used for therapeutic aid for several centuries. Horses have a way of mirroring your mood, intent, behavior and emotions. Interacting with an animal of such a majestic size places clients in a state of awe. Finding a friend in the horse you’re interacting with helps build an intimate connection and can enhance social skills and relationship building. Horse-assisted coaching makes clients aware of their body language, and helps them be more mindful about the messages their actions may be signaling. Clients that immerse themselves in a session of horse-assisted coaching usually leave feeling calm, collected, and inspired.


Horse-assisted coaching can help develop a healthy relationship with large animals

Caballus Consulting creates a safe and secure environment for its clients. Pia’s horses have professional experience interacting with people, and assisting them through personal issues. Children typically have positive things to say about working with horses. If your ADHD self, child, relative, or friend struggles with a fear of large animals – Caballus Consulting could help them conquer this fear. After spending some quality time with these gentle animals, they’ll be able to come to terms with the warm nature of horses. After a handful of sessions, they may even find themselves looking forward to hanging out with horses. Horse-assisted coaching is known to leave its clients with positive memories and boosted personal confidence as well.


Horse-assisted coaching can help with increased levels of oxytocin

Oxytocin – the renowned cuddle hormone. Boosts in oxytocin have been noted to increase everything from generosity to trust in individuals. While something as simple as a hug can send oxytocin levels soaring, a horse-assisted coaching session can significantly help too. Also a bonding hormone, oxytocin helps a new parent bond with their baby and can also help an ADHD client bond with a horse. Through horse-assisted coaching, clients develop a bond based on respect and trust with their equine peers. This, in turn, lends a helping hand in other social aspects of their lives.

Take a dip into the world of horse-assisted coaching with a free Discovery Session with Pia from Caballus Consulting. For more information, visit 

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