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4 ways to boost your personal brand with horse-assisted coaching

In the current age, almost everyone’s got a personal brand. Social media has caused us to develop an online persona that’s sometimes more polished than our real ones. Find a healthy balance between the two with horse-assisted coaching. It can equip you with the skills you need to manage your emotions, unleash your authentic self, and be comfortable in your own skin.


Horse-assisted coaching can help boost your physical persona

If you’re a YouTuber or video presenter, you’ll know the importance of body language and facial expression. Good posture is vital in making a good impression. As an online personality, you’ll want to emanate confidence and comfort. This can be achieved by a handful of sessions of horse-assisted coaching. Horses are creatures that respond and react to energy and body language. As herd animals, they often mirror each others’ energy, and the same applies to their interaction with people. Through horse-assisted coaching, you’ll learn more about your physical stance and how you appear to other people. You can use what you discover to alter anything from the way you use your hands in a conversation to the way your jaw moves when you speak.


Horse-assisted coaching can help you discover your authentic self


The horse traditionally represents power and might. Ferrari, the muscle car renowned for stunning speed, boasts a horse in its logo. In mastering non-verbal communication with such brilliant creatures, you’ll discover your authentic self. Horses don’t have a public face and a private face – they have a singular personality that they share with everyone from people to fellow horses. By interacting with a horse, you’ll bring out your true self. Once you’ve discovered your authentic self, you can share it with your audience who will reciprocate with equal genuinity.


Horse-assisted coaching can help you hit the relax button

Spending time with animals has scientifically been proven to relieve stress. Whether it’s running laps with your dog or communicating with a horse. If you’re stressed, this emotion will leak into the conversations you have with others and will certainly be evident when interacting with a horse. Horse-assisted coaching will help you access feelings and inner conflicts that are being hidden away. Once you acknowledge these, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest.


Horse-assisted coaching can help with confidence issues

If you’re used to being behind the lens but not in front of it, get camera-ready with horse-assisted coaching. With a master’s degree in social psychology, Pia (the founder of Caballus Consulting) can help boost your self-esteem while also teaching you how to make confident choices. Horse-assisted coaching will put you out of your comfort zone and into a judgement-free one. Here, you can bare your anxieties and learn how to cope with them in a healthy way. Horses are social beings, and their enthusiasm is highly contagious. Start building your personal brand by working on the basics (self-image and confidence) by spending some time with Lola – Pia’s Arabian mare.

Sample horse-assisted coaching with a free Discovery Session with Pia and Lola from Caballus Consulting.
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