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Based in five countries and ten cities, The Box is a 24 hour storage facility company. Offering a little more than its local competitors, this company specializes in storage, moving, international relocation, and document and information record systems. The Box has taken home four awards in fields ranging from SMEs to Green Business of the Year. Skip the garage and park your vehicle at The Box. Don’t be fooled by the name – they also handle automobile storage. The Box is located on Al Marabea Road in Al Quoz – an easy five minutes from Times Square.

I’m on the hunt for a reliable and flexible storage facility, and I’m not even moving! My house is filled with clutter that needs to find a new home – and The Box sounds ideal. With 24 hour access, I’m in half a mind to rent a storage room and set up a freelance office there! A major USP The Box offers that other companies don’t is automobile storage. Now if they only offered to babysit my cats while I’m on vacation, it would be the perfect set up. Oh well, maybe in good time…

Customer Service

I tend not to expect a timely response when emailing a company through its website. Honestly speaking, I expected that with The Box too. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. A customer service agent dropped me a call just a few hours after I pressed the “send” button. She told me all about the brand and its services, including what payment plans could potentially work for me. She was personable without seeming plastic. She sold the brand to me, without being an aggressive promoter. This put The Box on my list, and is the reason I’m recommending it to you. The Box is pedantic about its service, and offers insurance for any item potentially damaged. It also goes the extra mile and offers packaging materials like boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape and more.

Value for money

Prices range from 500 dirhams to 1000 dirhams a month, depending on the amount of space you want. While you can’t rent a month at The Box with the spare change in your pocket, the prices are mid-range and tolerable if you only need the storage room for just a little while. Individual lockable units vary in sizes, ranging from 25 square feet to 1000 square feet. The units are also temperature controlled, in case you have plans of storing a giant block of butter here. Depending on your rental time period, contracts are available on both a long and short term basis.


Located in Al Quoz, The Box is a convenient distance from Times Square Center. The staff are always keen to lend a helping hand, and are attentive to instructions. Over all, The Box is an ideal company to commission for relocations, moving and storage projects.

04 308 3711

Al Marabea Road, Al Quoz 1, Dubai. Close to Times Square Center




Temperature-controlled storage units
Flexible short and long term contracts
Relocation and shipping services available
Secure environment that includes surveillance technology
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