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  • Parc Ferme offers extensive and bespoke automobile services.
    Parc Ferme
  • Parc Ferme specializes in restoring a vast array of vintage cars
    Parc Ferme
  • Parc Ferme
  • Parc Ferme
  • Parc Ferme

Housed on a 24.000 square foot property, Parc Ferme has been in the automobile business for three years. Its services are extensive and excellent, all executed by a team of immensely skilled professionals. Some of its services include engineering and maintenance, bodywork and detailing, vintage vehicle restoration, and global logistics. Situated in Dubai Investment Park, this automobile garage is a cut above its competitors and is highly lauded in the motor community.

Parc Ferme is a name that’s been lingering on my radar for awhile now. None of my friends were willing to babysit my new car while I was on vacation, for fear of damaging it. So I decided to use professional help, and Parc Ferme’s who I went to. Here’s the low down on my experience.

Customer Service

Parc Ferme’s employees treat you more like an old buddy than a client. They’re completely transparent about their services, and reassuringly communicative. They don’t let a single detail slip, and ensure they know exactly what you want before giving it to you. I didn’t struggle with getting in touch with them or following up on my car when I was on vacation. I was given a detailed update on the condition of my vehicle, which helped me kick back while on holiday and sip a cocktail by the beach with some peace of mind. The crew run a tight ship at Parc Ferme!

Service Quality

Convinced by its sleek and sophisticated website, I was instantly excited to give my car the royal treatment at Parc Ferme. No detail is too minute for this company’s attention. It ensured my car’s features were securely protected, every single one of them. Since I’d be out of town for a couple of weeks, I didn’t want my car’s tyres to go flat from being idle all day. Parc Ferme offered special foam pads to park my car on, to ensure its tyres were fresh until I returned. In addition to that, the company trickle charged my battery and even handled my fresh paint job with care. After returning back to Dubai, I felt like I was collecting a baby from daycare. My eyes lit up the moment they fell on my car, and I was delighted that even after two weeks, it still looked like a gem.

04 884 1116

Warehouses 2 & 3, Building 14, Dubai Investments Park 1




Automobile storage services
Advanced equipment and bespoke services
Vintage vehicle restoration services
Excellent bodywork and detailing skills
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