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Easy Truck is a removals and storage company housing a team of RSA approved professional movers. Located in Al Quoz, the company was born to cater to the growing need for professional relocation and storage services in the UAE. Established by a pair of expats, the company promises world-class service at an affordable price. As for storage, customers have the option of opting for a locker or warehouse space that can be accessed throughout the week. Having collaborated with Freedom Pizza, Easy Truck takes your relocation experience to the next level by providing a complimentary pizza with every move.

Easy Truck is a modern removals and storage company, designed to take the headache out of moving. Bright and breezy service, owned and run by an expat pair who set up the company in 2009. The are several perks to using this company, right from the options of storage lockers or warehouses to a free pizza at the end of your relocation! Working with Easy Truck was an informal experience, that was totally worth every single penny invested in it.

Customer Service

After applying for an instant quote on Easy Truck’s website, I decided to go ahead with its services. The customer care department was accommodating and polite, delving into the finer details of my requirement. The company is as transparent as thin air, and doesn’t trap you into a payment contract. You have the option to pay as you go, and can cancel its services whenever you like!

Service Quality

I’ve subscribed to Easy Truck’s services in both the storage and relocation department. Equipped with a sizable team, Easy Truck’s crew shifted me from my old location to my new one within a matter of hours. The handymen hung my paintings up on the walls and connected my appliances. At the end of the day, instead of sorting boxes and popping bubble wrap, I lit some candles and enjoyed my complimentary Freedom Pizza! Easy Truck’s self-storage service was convenient, as it could be accessed seven days a week. I could opt for either a locker or a warehouse space. The storage facilities are temperature controlled, and protected from pests and mildew too.

04 800 3279

UAE Warehouse 3 and 4, Municipality 87B, 6a Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai




“Pay as you go” scheme
RSA approved professional movers
Free pizza with every relocation
Locker or warehouse storage options
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