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From packing and crating to pet assistance, Bridgeway Relocations has seen it all. The company opened its doors in the UAE in 1974, and has been in business ever since. Over time, it’s managed to diversify its services in multiple sectors. It now also offers record management and insurance. Whether you’ve got a need for domestic or international relocation, Bridgeway can handle it.

It was obvious that Bridgeway Relocations had done its homework when it cited relocating as one of the five biggest causes of stress. Founded in 1974, the company has a significant amount of experience with domestic and international relocations. Here’s a summary of my experience with this relocation company, and find out whether its service is a hit or a miss.

Customer Service

With no live admin chat available, I decided to email Bridgeway Relocations instead. A representative from the company got in touch with me the following day, with an organized batch of questions. I was given an insight into how much the entire project might cost. I was even redirected to the website’s free professional quote calculating tool. While not the fastest response I’ve ever received, my interaction with Bridgeway Relocations was a pleasant experience.

Service Quality

Relocation is one of the described as one of the most stressful events out there, and I totally agree. A lack of communication and haphazard messages are my greatest fear. Bridgeway Relocations recognizes this as a customer issue, and has taken measures to combat this common problem. It has a “one point of contact” structure and its move management program guarantees all clients are frequently updated on the status of the relocation process. I didn’t stress for a single moment because just when the anxiety would creep in, Bridgeway jumped in with a status update. It was going to be awhile until I moved into my new location, so I opted for Bridgeway’s storage facility services. The company offers flexible short-term and long-term payment plans.

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Al Quoz, Dubai




Established in 1974
Offers pet assistance
Based in the UAE and Qatar
Conducts domestic and international relocation
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