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Starting at just 75 dirhams for three plastic boxes a month, Boxit is a bargain waiting to be taken advantage of. The storage company has collaborated with, regional super brand, Aramex. Boxit calls itself the future of on-demand personal storage. The Uber of personal storage, your entire experience can be handled from start to finish via Boxit’s app. Aimed at making the storage process easier through savvy digital tools, Boxit relies heavily on technology. Right from its online payment portal to its live admin feature and silky-smooth app, Boxit is the way to go!

Clutter is my arch nemesis, and finding a reliable storage company in Dubai was a challenge. A handful of companies overcharge and underdeliver, and I didn’t want to be a victim of that. I stumbled upon Boxit during a random Google search, and decided to give it a shot. The website was minimalist and delivered just the right amount of information. Here are my thoughts!

Customer Service

Live admin services are my weak spot, and my customer experience is instantly enhanced when a company offers this. There are moments when it can feel like chatting with a robot, but this wasn’t one of those times. I was assisted by a lovely lady who addressed every single one of my numerous questions with detailed answers. She even brought up information that answered questions I didn’t even know I had. She made Boxit’s services sound appealing, without directly trying to rope me in as a customer. It was an effortless experience – I was left smiling from start to finish! Another indication that Boxit cares is that it lets you rate the quality of your chat and leave comments.

Service Quality

Boxit has currently joined forces with Aramex, and offers prices as tempting as 25 dirhams per box per month! In addition to this, I fell in love with the company’s inclination to technological convenience. Everything on Boxit can be remotely managed through the website or mobile app. Once my account was set up and ready to roll, I started my first order. A bunch of boxes were delivered to my door and my account was updated on the same. A bunch of digital boxes were also placed on the app, to reflect the stage I was currently at. While packing, I shot pictures of the items I wanted to store, named the boxes and added descriptions too! Once my stuff was packed and ready to go, I simply pressed a button on the app and Boxit’s team members arrived to collect it. Boxit then sent off my belongings to a state-of-the-art Aramex warehouse. Great service!

056 990 3586

Office 308, Building 7, Dubai Outsource City




Monthly rate of 25 dirhams per box
Can be operated via mobile app
Website offers online payment tool
Secure world-class storage facility
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