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    Santa Fe Relocations

First established in Hong Kong in the 80s, Santa Fe Relocations has multiplied its outlets over the decades. It’s now based all over the world, with branches in Australia, Asia, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company’s services are diverse, including global mobility, consulting and relocations. In the UAE, it’s based in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Santa Fe goes above and beyond basic relocation services. It doesn’t just get your belongings packed into boxes and moved to a new location. It also goes on a hunt for potential new locations for you and even helps you apply for employee or family visas to new locations. For individuals or companies looking for the complete package, Santa Fe is an option you should consider.

Customer service

I felt taken care of by Santa Fe before even using its services. Upon telephoning the company, all my questions were answered in significant detail. For those who prefer sticking to electronic communication, the website lists the direct email addresses of the company’s core members. Santa Fe’s employees are prompt to respond, and accurately address all your queries.

Service quality

Santa Fe goes the extra mile to make your experience hassle-free. The company’s multiple services encompass major relocation needs. They handle both inbound and outbound migrations. Services include global mobility, local relocation services, visa and immigration, neighbourhood search, and guides. For those relocating internationally, Santa Fe lends a helping hand with visa processing, immigration paperwork and consulate sessions. If you’re a company looking to house its employees, Santa Fe works within your budget and even analyses potential neighbourhoods in terms of proximity to local schools, medical centres and public transportation options.

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Immigration and visa services
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Experience with Fortune 500 companies
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