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Echo Xpats was launched by a pair of British expats who recognised a need for bespoke relocation services in the UAE. The company is proud to have collaborated with a range of diverse Fortune 500 companies. The company houses EuRA accredited relocation consultants. Echo Xpats lends its services to everyone from residents to companies. It’s been in business for the past 10 years.

Echo Xpats’ services are on a whole other level. The company has brought to the UAE precisely what it has lacked for several years – bespoke relocation services. Given that a vast majority of the residents are expats, it’s paramount to have reliable relocation options. This company recognises that, and ensures it’s constantly upgrading itself to suit the evolving local market.

Customer service

For those who don’t reside in the UAE just yet but are planning to move here, Echo Xpat can be contacted online. A few clicks will get you an instant quote through its website. For the benefit of international clients, almost all the information you’ll require is online. There’s little need to get in touch with the company through the phone. Although, the receptionist is incredibly polite and patient when approached with relevant questions. I’m a fan of live chat options on websites, especially when a company is catering to clients all over the world. I was disappointed that Echo Xpats didn’t have this as an option. It would have made the process significantly easier.

Service quality

Echo Xpats has a “first friend” policy that aims to befriend you at the start of a daunting international move. You can tell that they have once been where you are now, and it’s an incredibly reassuring feeling. I received an orientation prior to my move, equipping me with a brief of my new neighborhood. I received details about security, transportation, traffic rules, proximity to medical facilities, and local culture – just like the website promised! Not only does the company transport your stuff from your old house to your new one, it also helps you set up. This transcends the basic “installing your curtains and connecting your appliances” service. I was assisted with opening a local bank account, finding domestic help, hiring a car and more!

04 427 3726

Opal Tower, 7th Floor, Burj Khalifa Boulevard, Business Bay, Dubai




EuRa accredited relocation consultants
Assistance with major administrative tasks
Luxurious and bespoke service
Experience with Fortune 500 companies
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