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  • Based all over the world, Crown Relocations has been in the moving business for half a century!
    Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations has been doing what it does best for 50 years. Over time, the company has evolved and spread its presence all over the world. The company currently circulates its services from 265 locations in almost 60 countries. Crown boasts multiple specialities, namely world mobility, relocation, records management, fine art handling, logistics, and even wine cellars! The company’s employees are as diverse as its services – flaunting 70 nationalities and 53 languages.

Working with Crown Relocations was a pleasant experience. Perfectly professional, the relocation company proved how it’s maintained its success over the past 50 years. I’ve read and received a cocktail of different reviews from friends and online forums. While I didn’t find the service particularly exceptional, Crown Relocations hasn’t left a lasting impression on me.

Customer service

I got in touch with Crown Relocations over the phone, initially. I wanted to have a long conversation with them about what distinguishes the company from its competitors. My questions were greeted with confusion. There was a massive amount of awkward silences and ruffling at the end of the line. Whoever answered said that they were not in the position to address my queries, and that I would be contacted by the person in charge. I never did receive that follow-up call, which was disappointing but also typical of locally based companies.

Service quality

The removal crew arrived on time, as discussed at an earlier date. They packed my belongings into boxes for me, although didn’t do it carefully. It was a rough and tough job, and looked borderline rushed. If you’re one of those people who prefers taking matters into their own hands, be warned that insurance isn’t included if you do half the job yourself. My boxes were then loaded into the moving truck, and off it zoomed to my new location. Upon unpacking the boxes, I noticed the odd crease and crinkle, but no severe damage that was worth filing a report over.

04 230 5300

Dutco House, 3rd Floor, Itihad Road, Dubai




Based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
50 years of relocation experience
Experience with handling fine art
Offers record management services
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