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  • Based in Sharjah, B Movers is happy to take on projects all over the UAE
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B Movers, also called Bait Al Amana Movers, is a relocation company based in Sharjah. It offers varied services, including receiving, uncrating, on-site delivery, assembling, configuration and installation. It also manages all kinds of furniture installation. B Movers transports boxes from one location to another in a securely-structured covered truck. The company also offers flexible contracts for short-term and long-term storage requirements in the UAE.

I didn’t know what to expect when I stumbled upon B Movers. Despite being based in Sharjah, I was pleased that they were willing to take on my project in Dubai. I’d never heard of the relocation company before, but in the pursuit of writing accurate reviews, I decided to dive in. Here’s a summary of my experience, from making the first phone call to unpacking the last box.

Customer service

My experience with this company wasn’t a pleasant one from the minute I picked up the phone. The landline number on the website doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. I did manage to get through to an employee thanks to the cellphone number mentioned online. The conversation was apathetic, and increasingly difficult to comprehend. I was asked a handful of basic questions – the number of rooms in my apartment, the number of doors in my closet, my estimated moving date and the location I’m moving to. The quoted sum for the project was 1200 dirhams, including a covered moving truck, a moving team of four people and same-day completion.

Service quality

Quite similar to my conversation with the company, the packing crew appeared apathetic. I stayed out of their way for most of the moving process, while they got on with the job. The moving truck was covered, but wasn’t temperature controlled. I’d recommend transporting temperature-sensitive products to your new location by yourself. As promised, the entire move was completed that very evening. There was evidence of haste, though. The boxes were haphazardously packed, and my furniture was scattered all over the new property. Things were stuffed in drawers and cabinets where they didn’t belong. I had to spend the entire weekend following my move setting my apartment back to the way it was at my old location. Time consuming, indeed!

050 807 0062

Al Butina Area, Rolla, PO Box 31464, Sharjah




Covered trucks
Based in Sharjah
Furniture reconfiguration
50,000 square feet storage space in the UAE
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    Quality of Service
    Value for Money
    Speed of service
    Customer Service

    They were an hour and a half late.

    They damaged our furniture in the move.

    They left with unfinished work and never came back.

    In terms of customer service, they just stopped answering the phone after the move.

    + PROS: Can't say there is any.
    - CONS: Damaged our furniture. left with unfinished work and never came back. In terms of customer service, they just didn't pick up the phone.
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