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    Allied Pickfords
  • Based all over the world, Allied Pickfords does both local and international relocation
    Allied Pickfords

Allied Pickfords is based all over the globe, making lives easier from 600 international locations. This moving company has a reputation that precedes itself, with its first packing crew being hired 400 years ago in the Common Era (CE). The company has evolved over the years, from horse-drawn carriages to modern trucks. Allied Pickfords offers both long-term and short-term storage solutions, shipment tracking and much more. All it takes are a few clicks to request a free quote through the company’s website. Allied Pickfords has two locations in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

50,000 is a big number. So I was completely impressed when I discovered that Allied Pickfords conducts these many relocations every year. The company is older than time, having been established almost 400 years ago.  Over the years, the relocation company has thickened its portfolio – now located in 600 locations and catering its services in more than 40 countries. With a reputation like that, I couldn’t help but give Allied Pickfords a try.

Customer service

With 400 years of practice, I’ve heard from friends all over the world that Allied Pickfords has perfected its service. From start to finish, the company does a slick job and leaves nothing but a satisfied smile behind. Unfortunately, the Dubai department still has some catching up to do. The customer service appeared a little scrambled, and could have used some organisation.

Service quality

Despite my initial experience with the customer service department, I decided to soldier on and give the service a try. The company’s website created a romantic image in my head. I imagined Allied Pickfords’ first hires loading boxes onto a horse-drawn carriage, and wanted to be part of that experience. Even though the carriages have now been replaced by trucks, and the packing crew don’t wear leather gloves or top hats anymore. Apart from some instances of miscommunication and awkward silences, the team did a good job getting my stuff from location A to B. While a little ruffled, none of my belongings took an actual battering. Phew!

04 818 0400

Business Bay, Office 1001, Dubai




Established 400 years ago
Located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Offers domestic and international relocation
4x “International Moving Company of the Year” winner
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