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How to Reduce the Stress of Moving House in Dubai


Alan Lakein famously said “Failing to plan is planning to fail” – fundamentally the choice is yours!

So, you have given notice to your existing landlord and have decided to move house in Dubai, which is perceived as a particularly stressful event. However, do not panic! With the right amount of organisation and planning, you will be able to minimise the stress you endure.


Why are you Moving?


Do your homework? Are you moving to reduce your rental spend? Remember, moving out to a lower priced bracket area will undoubtedly increase your travel costs, either fuel or taxis, both professionally and personally. Are you looking for a closer location to work to reduce your travel time? Do you fancy living somewhere quieter? Do you need a bigger home? Before planning to move be sure of why you are moving.


What is your Budget?


You must set a realistic amount that you would like to spend. Remember, that in addition to the rent will be the typical associated household utility costs, e.g. Electricity & Water (DEWA), Internet and Air Conditioning charges (although some rental properties do include the Air Conditioning charges as part of the rent). Do your research through numerous property rental websites available on the internet to get a feel for the areas and the price brackets associated with each.


Remember the Associated Costs


For many of us in Dubai, moving house can be exciting albeit a chore. However, do remember to budget for the initial setup costs which if forgotten can stretch our budget a little beyond our capacity:

  • Deposit and agency fees – both are typically 5% of the annual rent.
  • Removal Costs – whether a man with a van or a professional removals firm, both will incur a cost.
  • Decorating – do remember that if you have hung pictures, you should get the holes filled, or if your current home needs some TLC, the landlord can claw back these costs from your deposit. It is your responsibility to return the apartment back in the same standard which you moved in. It can prove prudent to get these odd jobs done before you move. Numerous companies in Dubai can help.
  • Deep Cleaning – you are about to move into your new home, celebrate and have a full spring clean before you move in – there is nothing better than knowing your ‘home’ is spotlessly clean.
  • Utility deposits – the utilities needed to be set up will require deposits to be connected – ensure they are budgeted for and not a forgotten cost.

Know where you want to live


Once you have established your budget, you are a step closer to being able to identity a location. When looking to move in Dubai there are a plethora of options to consider, from some of the world’s most iconic addresses, to some very affordable areas throughout Dubai. Whilst price will be a strong decision making element, do remember other criteria which should be considered; do you need to be near your children’s school? How long would your journey to work be? How far away are your favourite pleasures; Restaurants; Gyms Shopping Malls? When making a decision on location, remember to look at the bigger picture and not just the price.


Finding an Agent


With numerous options for selecting an agent; many can be sourced when they are advertising a particular property which you may have seen on line, or you can find an agent and tell them the search criteria for your requirements. Ensure they are aware of your budget. Experience shows that agents will show you some properties within your budget but then also 1 or 2 which are slightly over budget, and guess what, those slightly over are the ones you fall in love with. Make sure you give them a figure slightly below your budget, hoping that the 1 or 2 which you fall in love with are at the top end of your budget. Remember, you set a budget for a reason, you are to here to enjoy your journey and not be so short of money each month that you cannot. Do not get drawn into exceeding your budget, be strong and stick to it!

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