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Mag ME Real Estate

  • Part of a prestigious business group in the UAE, Mag ME now has 18 international offices.
    Mag ME Real Estate

Mag ME is a member of the Moafaq Al Gaddah Group, which was established in 1978. Over time, the company has blossomed into a multinational property firm. Mag ME features 18 international locations, and a diverse property portfolio. Its services go beyond just real estate sales and rentals. Equipped with a team of industry experts, Mag ME now offers services that range from brokerage and property management services to financial analysis and real estate investment.

I was on the hunt for an apartment with a view of Dubai Marina, but my wallet didn’t have a Dubai Marina budget. I decided to put Mag ME to the test, and the delivered! I thought I could only afford to live in Dubai Marina is I pitched a tent at the promenade. Mag ME found a flexible solution, and scored me a spacious apartment in JLT with a stunning view of the Marina. Here’s a low down of my experience with this locally popular real estate company.

Customer service

Mag ME offered me a unique experience from the get go. As a writer, there are days when my fingers need their own spa session. With calloused fingertips, I wasn’t looking forward to typing up yet another email. Mag ME took the strain of that off my shoulders. While not an example of state-of-the-art technology, it’s certainly something I’ve never encountered before. The website has a voice mail option. Instead of ringing Mag ME up or dropping them an email, all you have to do is speak into your computer’s microphone and they’ll get in touch with you! The company contacted me the following days, with answers to my questions and viewing dates.


Working with Mag ME was a pleasant experience. I didn’t feel like vital information was being hidden from me, and my estate agent didn’t waste her or my time by beating around the bush. She notified me about all the charges I’d be required to pay – from general housing tax to agent’s fees. Clearly having heard these questions countless times, she had her answers at the ready.

Speed of service

While Mag ME returned my voice mail quickly, the final paperwork and arranging my property for my moving date took them some time. I figure the company is understaffed and overworked. It was obvious Mag ME was juggling multiple clients, which is why every encounter we had was brief and precise. Since I wasn’t in a massive hurry, the time it took to arrange the new property didn’t bother me. If you’re urgently house hunting and might end up in a cardboard box if you don’t relocate within the week, maybe consider a company that isn’t Mag ME.

Property options

Mag ME has been around since 1978, and has a varied portfolio. It includes a diverse collection of residential, commercial, and corporate spaces from Dubai Marina to Al Quoz. The company has experience with a variety of clients with all types of budgets. Mag ME was able to show me options within my budget, without trying to squeeze a few extra dirhams out of my wallet.

04 395 3571

Villa 555, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim I




Has 18 international offices
Voicemail tool available on website
Part of the Moafaq Al Gaddah Group (MAG)
Offers brokerage and estate management services
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