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  • House Hunters' team of skilled professionals add a personal touch to all their interactions, making the entire process a smooth ride
    House Hunters

Operating in the local property industry for more than a decade, House Hunters has its finger on the pulse of Arabian Ranches, The Villa, Victory Heights, and more. This company adds a personal touch to property hunting in the suburbs, and goes the extra mile to deliver exactly what you want. The average length of an agent at House Hunters is four years. This way, every single client’s objectives are met with experience, skill, and maximum proficiency.

While some find apartment living and the hustle and bustle of central city life invigorating, the time had arrived for some peace and quiet. While I didn’t want to leave Dubai and relocate to the UK countryside, I didn’t want a life of gardening on a tiny apartment balcony in JLT either. ¬†Moving into Dubai’s suburbs was a pleasant compromise, so I got in touch with House Hunters.

Customer service

The customer care representative at House Hunters was delightful. I could hear her smile through the phone as she walked me through all the answers to my questions. A modestly sized company, House Hunters has its finger on the pulse of certain residential communities. The care representative knew Arabian Ranches and Victory Heights like the back of her hand, and could even cite the average rent in the communities. Given the company’s expertise in these residential communities, I was excited to work with them. We set a viewing date, and took off from there!


Considered one of the leading real estate agencies in Arabian Ranches, House Hunters’ estate agents were more transparent than a window pane. They were efficient, and clearly answered my questions about rates, rents, and property prices in the area. I didn’t feel like my agent was fumbling or beating around the push to extract extra a few extra pennies out of my pocket.

Speed of service

House Hunters has access to a wide collection of charming properties in Arabian Ranches and Victory Heights. Each property was better than the one before it, and I was spoiled for choice. I’d given House Hunters a precise list of criteria, and they delivered options abiding to just that. Because my agent didn’t beat around the bush, I was sorted with a property in no time!

Property options

House Hunters is the dominant real estate company in Victory Heights, Arabian Ranches, Motor City and The Villa. If you’re exhausted of apartment living, and are looking to kick back and relax by a private pool in your villa’s backyard; House Hunters is whom to contact. The company has a varied portfolio of tasteful villas and other properties in these residential communities. If you’re not sure about villa living, head over to House Hunters’ weekly open house events. You can explore its properties, without feeling the need to book a viewing with an agent.

04 452 2007

Shop 01, Apex Atrium, Motor City, Dubai




Leading company in Arabian Ranches and Victory Heights
Hosts weekly open-houses every Saturday
More than a decade's experience
Live admin chat tool on website
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