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  • Elysian Real Estate has access to a list of exclusive and luxurious Dubai properties
    Elysian Real Estate

Dubai opens the doors to luxury properties faster than a cheetah can run! Taking advantage of this golden opportunity, Elysian Real Estate has been handling premium properties since 2014. The company not only handles real estate, but also caters an array of related services. This includes escrow services, interior design assistance, property valuation, and much more. The company has been steadily growing since 2006, and has now settled quite comfortably into the local market.

This review is a bit of a cheat, since I’m documenting a friend’s experience with Elysian. But since I recommended the company to her, I followed up on her experience from A to Z. Here’s a summary of her interaction with everyone from the customer service department to the estate agents.

Customer service

Elysian’s customer care representatives are attentive, and willing to go the extra mile to deliver the information you’re after. Its employees are alert and thoroughly updated on the status of Dubai’s real estate market. Feel free to approach them with whatever related questions you have, and you’ll be welcomed with patience and professionalism. You’ll be kept regularly updated if your requirement needs following up. Elysian keeps its attention glued to every single client.


I recommended Elysian’s services to a friend who was on the hunt for an apartment. I accompanied her during every step of the process, and so did Elysian. Our estate agent didn’t leave a single stone unturned, and didn’t find any detail too minor to mention. Since my friend was looking to spend a significant amount of money, Elysian’s transparency made her feel secure.

Speed of service

Elysian took its time with scanning the city for the perfect options for my friend. Initially, we were slightly annoyed by the waiting time, but rapidly learned that it was worth the wait. The estate agent clearly did their homework, and returned with an extensive array of potential apartments.

Property options

A friend of mine was combing through Dubai for a luxury apartment. Spoilt for choice in this property goldmine, I suggested she entrust Elysian with her task. Not surprisingly, she was presented with a fabulous assortment of breathtaking apartments in the city. Don’t even get me started on the commanding views they offered. Since I made the recommendation, I decided to accompany her to her viewings and followed up on her interactions with them. She had nothing but lovely things to say about the way the company conducted its business to the staff it employed. At the end, she landed the keys to what has been her personal sanctuary for three years. With the way she’s settled into the apartment, I can’t imagine she’s moving anytime soon!

04 323 4545

Suite 1602, Boulevard Plaza Tower 01, Downtown Dubai




Offers interior design services
Houses more than 70 qualified professionals
Has a specialised luxury property branch
Can easily be reached via public transportation
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