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Coldwell Banker

  • Coldwell Banker has around 3000 branches across the globe, including numerous ones in Dubai.
    Coldwell Banker

The oldest real estate brand in North America, Coldwell Banker was established 100 years ago. After spending a century in the property business, the company has polished its services to perfection. With various branches dotting the globe, Coldwell Banker has multiple offices in the UAE. The company has its finger glued to this city’s pulse, and can offer just the right property to suit your needs. This could either be a modest villa in Dubailand or a glittering flat on the Palm.

As one of the oldest real estate companies in North America, I couldn’t contain my excitement about working with its Dubai branch. I didn’t know what to expect from a company that’s been established for a century, but I knew I wanted to walk out with a legendary experience. Well, a company doesn’t stay in business for that long without being exceptional at its craft.

Customer service

My telephone call was answered before I even heard it ring! My experience with Coldwell Banker was already off to an excellent start. The customer service agent was incredibly helpful, and even gave me the low-down on the company’s impressive history. I could hear her smile through the phone, which added a warm touch to our conversation. I felt like I was dealing with a big family, as opposed to an enormous company. After inquiring about my requirements, she redirected me to a colleague who talked me through potential estate agents. A meeting was set, and we took off!


Coldwell Banker cares about transparency to the extent that the company has launched a social media-esque app in the US, for customers to share their reviews and stories. This was inspired by the company wanting to be more transparent with its services. The app allows sellers to market their property to buyers, and engage in conversation with them on the online platform. That’s what I love about this company. It’s always one step ahead of the game.

Speed of service

Pleasant and perfectly professional, I enjoyed every minute of conversation with my estate agent. We visited a handful of interesting properties before I found one that hit the right spot. Coldwell Banker certainly doesn’t skimp on the finer details. My estate agent bent over backwards to ensure I got everything I wanted. He answered phone calls at inconvenient hours and replied to my emails at lightening-fast speed. The job got done in the nick of time!

Property options

Coldwell Banker’s branches are scattered all across Dubai. Right from the premium parts of town to the suburbs, this company has its roots firmly established in the local market. While some of its rates might seem expensive, the company is willing to go the extra mile to find you the right property. When approaching Coldwell Banker, keep your budget and requirements in mind. Knowing precisely what you want will make finding the perfect property a simpler process.

04 439 1200

Marina Diamond 5, opposite Dubai Marina metro station, Dubai Marina




Established 100 years ago
Flexible and accommodating estate agents
Diverse economic and luxury property options
One of the world's oldest property companies
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