Millennials are New Dubai’s latest priority


Generation Y has dramatically different priorities than the generation that preceded it. Buying a house isn’t a common feature on its bucket list. But for the few that do want their own “home sweet home” – the Zaal family has kept them in mind. The new property venture is called KOA, which translates into strength in Arabic. The project is claimed to have a different vibe than the ones that residential communities like Nurai and Al Barari emanate.

“KOA projects will blur the line between live, work and play. They will be communities of like-minded individuals and will feature landscaped gardens, water features, co-working spaces, spa facilities, gourmet market, day-care facilities and art displays around the grounds. We want to integrate the outside environment with indoor spaces,” Bin Zaal shared with Khaleej Times.

KOA’s foray into the real estate game starts with “Canvas” – appropriately named. Canvas will feature 37 apartments with uniquely designed layouts. All the apartments will look different. Canvas will also host the brand’s first co-working space. The co-working space will offer sophisticated equipment, studios and multi-purpose rooms for budding brands and companies.

Canvas will be located in Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens, off Emirates Road. The first few apartments will be launched in a few months. The predicted date of completion is December 2017.

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