Win cash prizes if you’ve got a green thumb


If you’re sick and tired of the overpriced produce at your local organic supermarket, you can now do something about it. Dubai Municipality has launched a local campaign that encourages growing your own food. The winning gardens will go home with attractive cash prizes. If you’re cooped up in a studio apartment instead of a spacious villa in the suburbs, you needn’t worry. The campaign is open to apartments, villas, schools, offices and special needs centers. The prime objectives of this are to promote food safety and food security in Dubai.

“Since Dubai has mostly imported food items it is very good to have your food growing in front of your eyes. We also want to promote food wastage reduction through this initiative. When people see how much hard work goes into making it, they will actually learn the importance of not wasting food, and of course it is more nutritious with no chemical pesticides”, Shugufta M. Zubair, senior food safety awareness support officer at the municipality, shared with Gulf News recently.

Since Dubai imports a vast quantity of its food, this campaign will help expose younger members of the community to the process of growing your own plants. A lot of us have luxurious gardens, fitted out with false waterfalls and rare flora, yet don’t know that ginger is an underground stem.

Dubai Municipality will be hosting workshops and lessons on farming techniques at the Desert Group Nursery in Al Khawaneej. Here, visitors can learn about vertical gardening and hydroponic irrigation techniques. They will also leave with simple hacks like using eggshells for protein. If you’d like to join the potting club, head over to and register!

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