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  • Independent Advocates can help you get justice in both personal and professional matters.
    Independent Advocates

Independent Advocates and Legal Consultancy specialises in civil, administrative, commercial, criminal, corporate, family, land, insurance and real estate law. The company has a respected name in the legal society, and has partnered with local giants like Nakheel, Government of Dubai, Emaar, Dubai Municipality, Damac, and the Department of Economic Development. The company prides itself on constantly keeping its finger on the pulse of Dubai’s evolving legal landscape. Its multilingual team might be small, but its mission is to make a big impact in its client’s life.

A former colleague of mine had sought Independent Advocates’ services regarding a private family matter. After all these years, she was happy to give me a detailed review of her experience with the company’s team, right from its receptionist to its lawyers.

Client support

A modestly sized company, it wasn’t a challenge getting connected with the legal team at Independent Advocates. The receptionist was pleasant and polite, happy to address her questions and send her call through to one of the lawyers. My colleague decided to work alongside the only female lawyer on the team since they both spoke Kazakh.


After carefully exploring my colleague’s case, the lawyer decided to take in on board and was incredibly patient with her situation. The lawyer answered her emails promptly and her tone made the interaction feel informal despite the nature of their working relationship. This put my colleague at ease and helped her through that dark period in her life. The lawyer didn’t anchor herself to her desk either and was happy to meet with my colleague at a variety of different places. The case was successfully resolved, and my colleague lives a significantly happier life now.

Value for money

My colleague’s finances were tight at the moment, and she explained that Independent Advocates were incredibly accommodating and flexible. She described their bill to be economic, which gave her a great amount of mental peace. She had been procrastinating meeting with a lawyer for several months because the associated expenses were massively daunting. This company and its cost-effective rates gave her the courage to go ahead and pursue personal justice.

Legal reputation

Independent Advocates is a significant industry player in the UAE, having partnered with local giants – Nakheel, Government of Dubai, Emaar, Dubai Municipality, Damac, and the Department of Economic Development. The company has a respected reputation in the legal society, and is known for being flexible, efficient, and constantly updated on the region’s legal landscape. Its multilingual team accommodates clients from varying cultural backgrounds, which is ideal for Dubai’s melting-pot society.

04 421 4021

Clover Bay Tower, office 1001-1002, 10th floor, Business Bay, Dubai




Multilingual legal team
Partnered with local giants
Offers free consultations
Offers freelance services in court
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