Dubai Future Foundation and Autodesk launch 3D printing investment fund


DIFC recently welcomed the world’s first 3D printed office. This sparked a trend and now DEWA announced in September that it’s working on the UAE’s first building to be fully printed on-site and the first 3D printed laboratory in the world. All the activity relating to 3D printing in the UAE has inspired Dubai Future Foundation to collaborate with, the American software firm, Autodesk. The pair has joined forces and launched a 100 million USD Spark fund. The investments are targeted at companies and businesses relying on 3D printing technology. The aim is to increase innovation in the region and incubate 3D printing startups in the Middle East.

“3D printing technology will revolutionise the economic sectors that most affect people’s lives. This includes construction, medical equipment and supplies and even consumer products. 3D printing technology has taken centre stage in the global market, drawing attention from all major tech companies and R&D centres around the world, as they work to expedite its introduction into traditional markets, in addition to establishing exciting new markets”, Mohammed Al Gergawi, vice chairman and managing director of Dubai Future Foundation, said to Gulf Business.

This ambitious collaboration is in line with Dubai’s recently launched 3D Printing Strategy. The strategy is striving towards ensuring that 25 percent of the buildings in the city is based on 3D printing technology by 2030. It hopes to make Dubai a global hub for the 3D printing industry.

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