• Let RSA handle the little luxuries in your life with its comprehensive policies for yachts and golfing equipment.
    RSA Insurance

A leading multinational insurance provider, RSA has been in the business for 20 years. The company has major operations in UK, Scandinavia, Canada, Ireland, and the Middle East. The highly-successful company was launched in London and has spent the past two decades accumulating an enormous client base, currently standing at 17 million customers. RSA Insurance covers varied sectors including motor, home, travel, yacht, golf, personal accident, and medical insurance.

While most companies offer medical and health to personal and motor insurance, it’s reassuring to find a few companies that offer insurance policies for yachts and golf equipment. RSA is one of those companies. Here’s a summary of my brother’s experience with the insurance provider.

Rates and prices

Golfer’s insurance sounds like an outrageous investment to me, but it’s the equivalent of getting home and medical insurance to my brother. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sends his girlfriend off on vacation and spends Valentine’s morning making his golf clubs heart-shaped pancakes. While RSA’s golfer’s insurance might be considered expensive to a non-passionate golfer, the endless perks the company offers are something to seriously consider if you’re a serious player.


RSA’s coverage stretches far and wide when it comes to golfer’s insurance. The company is willing to cover everything from damaged or stolen clubs, equipment and select accessories to offering dental cover in the unfortunate case of an accident on the golf course. The comprehensive policy is thoughtfully compiled, and will make you smile as you peruse it instead of cringe at the price.

Speed of service and claims

There are only three events in my brother’s life that he will never forget: the day he graduated vet school, the day he met his lovely girlfriend, and the day he scored a hole in one. While most insurance companies are there for you during dark hours, RSA is here for you during both good and bad times. My brother rocketed straight to his club’s bar and racked up a bill of 2,500 dirhams in RSA’s name. The insurance company offers the delightfully quirky asset of covering your bar bill, in the case of a golden hole in one, up to the value of 2500 dirhams!

Customer service

RSA’s insurance advisors are intelligent and informed about all the policies the company offers. It was lovely chatting with them over the phone. Their personalities are the perfect blend of formal and informal – the conversation leaves you feeling like you’re at the pub with an old friend but also having a serious conversation with an insurance professional. The company is also quick to respond via email with detailed answers to concerns, queries, and complaints.

Additional benefits

If you wake up with a sudden illness or injury, RSA will reimburse you for your golf club membership fees up to the value of 5000 dirhams! The company is also willing to cover your tournament fees if you’re unable to attend due to illness or accidental injury.

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