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National General Insurance

  • National General Insurance's comprehensive plans ensure everyone from its customers to its employees has a smile on their face!
    National General Insurance

Recognised as a fully accredited National Insurer, NGI is a key industry player in the local insurance business. The company offers a variety of insurance plans, including health, motor, travel, life, and personal accident. In addition to offering individual insurance, it also extends its services to corporate clients. Some of its more notable shareholders are Emirates NBD and Dubai Investments. The company has received positive financial ratings from Standard & Poors.

A friend of mine recently fractured her leg during a hike in Ras Al Khaimah. Since she lives and works in Dubai, she was concerned about having to drive all way back to consult with a doctor. Her company’s insured her with the Emirates Plan, and after a brief chat with an insurance advisor, she learned that this enabled her to receive medical treatment anywhere in the UAE.

Rates and prices

The Emirates Plan is sensibly priced and offers an array of benefits. My friend spent eight weeks recovering at home, with nursing assistance since her plan offered 13 weeks of this service. Those looking for a more advanced plan, there’s a premium Emirates Plan with NGI that offers additional perks for an additional price. For the security of UAE-found medical coverage, it’s worth the price.


NGI’s basic Emirates Plan offers almost twenty features. These include semi-private hospital accommodation, prescription medication, intensive care, physician and physiotherapist fees, surgical fees including anesthesia, diagnostic tests, surgical appliances and prosthesis, organ transplant, day-care treatment, domestic nursing assistance, out-patient surgery, local ambulance, CT and MRI scans, PET and CT-PET scans, oncology, in-patient cash benefit, and emergency dental treatment.

Speed of service and claims

NGI is an efficient insurance provider, and keeps its word every step of the way. My friend didn’t encounter any hiccups when filing a claim, and NGI’s insurance agents were incredibly patient with her. It only took a couple of weeks for her to successfully receive her insurance payment. She did mention NGI’s claim forms to be particularly lengthy and complex, so approach it with patience.

Customer service

When I got in touch with NGI, I was greeted by a chirpy woman who was prompt to assist me with my questions. She didn’t have the air of an aggressive saleswoman about her and seemed to only be interested in getting my questioned answered. Her sheer positivity and enthusiasm made me want to dial up for the Emirates plan myself, but I saved that leap for another day.

04 34 39 765


Office M06, Mezzanine Floor, Al Wadi Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai




Emirates Plan grants medical access across the UAE
Offers individual and corporate insurance
Offers both local and international plans
Has an automatic online quote generator
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