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Emirates Insurance Co.

  • Emirates Insurance offers three types of diverse motor insurance policies.
    Emirates Insurance Co.

Emirates Insurance Co. opened its doors to the public with a modestly-sized team. 30 years down the road, and the company now has several branches spread all over the UAE. Emirates Insurance Co. offers a wide variety of different insurance policies, from motor and property to domestic healthcare and oil and gas products. Its most recent milestone was in 2013, when it crossed 700 million dirhams in Gross Written Premium for the first time. Since its inception, the company has been rapidly growing with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

My life recently became easier with the addition of two editorial assistants to my team. A perk that comes along with their job is a company-loaned car, something I was wish I had when I was an editorial assistant myself. All I received was a water bottle, with my name inscribed on it. Anyway, these new cars obviously needed insuring as did my newest vehicle. After some dedicating Googling, I decided to give Emirates Insurance Co. a shot. Here’s a summary of my experience.

Rates and prices

Emirates Insurance’s rates entirely depend on what you opt for and the period of time you subscribe for. I expected to be welcomed by an astronomical bill, but was pleasantly surprised. The company’s rates aren’t exorbitant, but you couldn’t pay for it with the change in your wallet either. I’ve never skimped on insurance, and am happy to pay the price for reliable service.


Emirates Insurance Co. offers three main types of policies: Comprehensive, third party liability, and motor fleet policies. Since I was looking to gear not only myself but two of my editorial assistants up with motor insurance, the motor fleet policy worked perfectly for me. This is an annual cover that extends insurance to vehicles owned by the insured under a single policy. Since vehicles can be added and deleted any day during the policy period, I found it massively convenient since both my editorial assistants have been lent cars as part of their employment perks.

Speed of service and claims

Given what a haphazard nightmare rush hour traffic can be in Dubai, it was only a matter of time until one of us was on the phone with our insurance company. The customer care agent was patient, and accommodating, ensuring she had all the required details before sending over an insurance form. Perfectly comprehensive, I dealt with barely any hassle while filling in the form. A week later, the insurance payment arrived and my editorial assistant was back on the road!

Customer service

A few seconds after I called the company, I was greeted by an enthusiastic sounding customer care representative. I was instantly pleased, expecting the rest of the conversation to be nothing but rainbows and sunshine. Unfortunately, she couldn’t answer any of my questions, and forwarded my call to her manager. The manager claimed to be too busy to deal with my questions, and told me to put them in an email. When I did, it wasn’t until two weeks that I heard back.

Additional benefits While this isn’t an additional benefit, owners of pleasure crafts that use this company’s service will consider it a benefit of sort to be able to insure their personal boats too.

04 294 2949


Al Khaimah Building, Ground Floor, Al Ittihad Road




Offers three classes of motor insurance
Offers yacht and pleasure craft insurance
Offers individual and commercial insurance
Branches distributed all over the UAE
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