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AETNA Insurance

  • AETNA's services are globally available from Europe and the United States to Greater China and the Middle East.
    AETNA Insurance

AETNA caters bespoke expat health insurance to over 650,000 members worldwide. The company has promptly become a leader in the global insurance market, and has won several awards. AETNA has taken a leap into the future by digitising its services through savvy mobile applications. The company currently has 1000 international employees around the globe. AETNA offers various types of insurance, including health, dental, vision, disability, and life.

My profession as a freelance writer takes me all over the world. This has left me a constant wanderer, even being considered an expat in the country I was born in. After falling unusually sick during a work trip to Bangkok recently, I was glad to have subscribed to Aetna’s expat medical insurance before jetting off to Thailand’s bustling capital. Here’s a summary of my experience.

Rates and prices

AETNA Insurance’s prices are perfectly reasonable for the impeccable service it provides. I’d highly recommend this provider for those who’re constantly jet setting around the world. Don’t wait until the last moment, it could take something as a stale bowl of noodles at a restaurant to send you into a tizzy of sickness and medical mayhem. You deserve the security of medical insurance.

Speed of service and claims

AETNA offers phone-based services in over 170 languages! I telephoned the company from Thailand, and the insurance agent was polite and patiently walked me through everything I was required to do in order to make an insurance claim. A few minutes after our conversation, she sent me a detailed form to complete and off we went from there. I received the payment within a standard number of days. I was pleased with how breezy the entire process was for me!

Customer service

Chatting with AETNA’s customer service agents was an educational experience. Since expat medical insurance is different from regular health insurance, the service agent explained the precise differences to me and how I could take advantage of the perks that expat health insurance offered. By the end of the chat, I felt perfectly secure and informed about what I was investing in.

Additional benefits

AETNA offers reimbursements in more than 180 currencies, and its call centre conducts conversations in more than 170 languages. In addition to this, the insurance company offers a Member Service. This includes a Member Service call centre that works around the clock, clinician and case management services, a virtual benefits assistant, and savvy mobile applications.

04 438 7500


28th Floor, Media One Tower Building, Dubai Media City, Dubai




Reimbursements available in 180 currencies
Perks offered with Member Service
Call centre speaks 170 languages
Offers global mobile assistant services
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