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  • Raffles International houses an international student body, and makes an effort to ensure no student is left behind.
    Raffles International

Raffles International is dedicated to helping its student establish a firm foundation in the formative years of their life. The school helps students work on not only their academic awareness, but their social and athletic ones too. Raffles is internationally-minded and ensures everyone from its students to teaching faculty employs an inclusive attitude towards their colleagues. The school has received a handful of accolades for its commendable performance.

A friend of mine recently moved to Umm Suqueim and was on the hunt for a school in her locality. After reviewing a list of schools, Raffles International was the winner. She was kind enough to give me the low-down on everything from the price to the facilities this school offers. Here you go!

Rates and prices

Raffles International has two different fee schedules for existing students and new students. A non-refundable registration fee of 8,800 dirhams is applicable for FS2 and 10,000 dirhams for Year one to eleven. A tip for growing families, a 5% discount can be availed from the fourth child onwards. Additional fees are applicable to assessment test fees, stationery, educational material, voluntary excursions, school uniforms, meals, transportation, and health insurance cards.


Located in Umm Suqueim 03, the school isn’t exactly in the heart of Dubai. A lovely district in general, families who live on the Dubai Marina side of the city might struggle with morning drop-offs. If you don’t want to subscribe to school transportation, your best bet is to set your alarm early, knock back a double espresso and hit the highway before rush hour strikes.


Raffles International cares deeply about the classic “no child left behind” policy. It employs a buddy bench system for younger students to help them adjust to their new school. If a student is found to be struggling, either academically or socially, the school’s guidance counsellor and dean always have their door open for a deep discussion. In addition to this, if a child has a cognitive disability, language barrier, speech or sensory impairment, or physical disability – Raffles will take additional measures to help the child cope in the areas they find challenging.


Raffles International’s campus spans across a spacious 30,000 square meters and is equipped to house 2000 students. The school boasts an array of world-class recreational and sporting facilities. This includes its tutorial rooms, dance studio, theatre, music rooms, science and computer labs, soccer field, swimming pool, sports hall, tennis courts, and prayer rooms with ablution facilities. In addition to this, the school embraces its international student body by catering food from all over the world. The meals are carefully designed to be balanced, nutritious, and nourishing.

Academic reputation

Since its inception in 2007, the school is said to have made massive improvements in English, mathematics and science. Some parents claim that the school’s atmosphere has changed as it’s grown over the recent years. The KHDA has noted the school’s facilities are impressive – with its audio and visual equipment being constantly updated. The students are courteous and well-behaved and the teaching faculty is reported to be highly dedicated to its students.


The student body at Raffles International is a blend of Asians, Arabs, and Europeans – with a majority of the students hailing from a Middle Eastern background. The school currently houses 80 nationalities. It is estimated that approximately four percent of the student body has some form of special educational needs. The school takes calculated measures to support these children.

04 427 1200


Al Baghla Street, Umm Suqeim 3, Dubai




Information app available for parents
Takes additional measures to aid specially-abled students
Hosts an ongoing CSR initiative with Dubai Cares
Winner of multiple accolades for its performance
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